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Tips on how to choose safe baby equipment

Safe Crib

Most of us tend to make the mistake of opting for the cutest baby product or one that matches your baby’s room. However, what you should actually do is choose a product that is considered the safest in the market. As safety is of utmost concern for both you and your toddler, here are some pointers to take into consideration when you go shopping for baby equipment.

Baby Cribs

The first thing you would need to check when opting for a baby crib is whether the slats are too far apart so that your baby can wiggle out when of the crib when you are not looking. Worse, he/she can get his/her head stuck in between the slats while trying to get out. So opt for cribs that offer closely placed slats (close enough to not let a pop can through).
Also make it a point to get the right sized mattress for your baby’s crib. While small mattresses would leave gaps at the edges of the cribs that your baby can slip into, large mattresses would be propped up at odd angles at the corners, making it very hard for your toddler to sleep.

Baby Strollers

Baby strollers need to be extremely comfortable for your baby to sit in. The seating should be soft, the harnesses should be firm and yet gentle on your baby’s body, and the stroller should be easy to assemble, push and pull. To top it off, the stroller should have some kind of braking mechanism to stop rolling down a slope automatically when you are not looking. If you get a stroller that does not satisfy even one of these basic requirements, then you stand high chances of causing danger to your kid when you take him/her out in the stroller for a walk.

Baby Gates

If you live in a multistorey, you would probably need to install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent your baby from accessing them. Always choose baby gates that have miniscule openings that your baby would not be able to wiggle through. You may also want to choose gates that are sturdy and can withstand your baby’s force, should he/she choose to push or pull them.


If you are thinking of getting a portable play pen for your kid, make sure you check the individual parts for any wear or tear that may harm your baby. Assemble the playpen on a flat surface (trying to set it up on a mattress would only make it unstable) and make sure all the parts snap/lock into place before letting your baby play in it. Even a single, loose part can bring the entire structure tumbling down. And once you notice a tear in the mesh, get another playpen.

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