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Tips for making the first birthday party fun-filled and stress-free

Are you getting ready for the first birthday party of your child? You have to make the day enjoyable throughout and at the same time you should not feel tired and worn out by the end of the day. You can take some simple measures to ensure that the party goes on well without creating any ‘after effects.’ Here are some simple low stress tips for the first birthday party fun.

Pre-party Preparations

1. Check the Guest List

It is better to invite only a small group of your friends and family. You can keep the costs down and at the same time you have less number of people to take care of. So the pressure on you will be much less. If you invite a large group then you will need to put in extra efforts to keep them entertained. After all, it is only the first birthday of your child. There are many more occasions for celebration.

2. Time is Important

Check the time when you wish to conduct the party. The best time is when your baby is asleep. You will be free from various tasks and can take care of the guests properly. The high spirits of the party may go down, if you have a crying baby all through the party. You can also decide to hold the party around the lunch time so that it gets over by late afternoon. Keep the party sweet and short so that none of your guests will be bored.

3. Play it Low

For the entertainment part, try to keep it as low as possible in terms of noise. The loud noise may irritate your baby and cause her/him to flare up. To prevent this, try to keep it low and use most of your baby’s toys and whistles for making the noise. You can save some money too by avoiding music system and speakers, etc.

Countdown for the Special Day

  1. At least one month before the party, you have to begin inviting the guests. If you have decided not to use something formal, a phone call or an e-mail may suffice.
  2. When you have about 2 weeks left for the party, you have to order the party supplies. Shop for your baby’s birthday outfit. Buy a fancy type and a casual one so that she can wear it after swooshing the cake.
  3. Order the birthday cake one week ahead of the day.
  4. When you have only 3 days left, call the persons from whom you have not received an answer for confirming their presence.
  5. When there are only 2 days left, you have to charge your camera and shop for the foods you wish to provide at the party. Remember to buy the first birthday candles, paper towels and garbage bags.
  6. On the previous day of the great day, you can bake and frost cupcakes, whip up babytalk-tinis and set up the paper goods and decorations after your baby has gone to bed.
  7. On the special day, pick up the birthday cake, some extra-ice and ensure that all the supplies are ready on the spot. Wait for your guests to arrive.

What to Serve?

If you are not sure about what you should be serving your guests on the first birthday party, here are a few things to choose.

1. If you are organizing the party just about the lunch time, you cannot treat your guests with the birthday cake alone. You need to serve something more filling and delicious. Some foods you can think of are salads, premade sandwiches, pizza, buffalo chicken wings, fresh fruit, muffins, mini-bagels, brownies and bite-size cookies.

2. Avoid foods that can cause choking hazards like nuts, grapes, hard candies and popcorn. Avoid low surfaces where you have to keep the platters very low. It will be difficult to access the foods. Provide some drinks like fresh fruit juices and water. Place the garbage bags in places where they are easily accessible so that the guests that use them properly. This will save a lot of time in clearing the mess finally.

Birthday favors

Finally, do not forget the birthday favors. Choose the birthday party favors according to the theme. You can coordinate them with the colors also. If you have chosen cartoons as the theme, you can choose the favors with the same theme. You can find a wide variety of favors in the market and choose them according to your budget. The favors you choose should symbolize your gratitude to the guests for attending the special occasion and making it more colorful.

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