Tips for Keeping your Newborn Cool in Hot Weather

In the hot weather it’s relatively easy for us big people to do something about it and try and cool down. Newborns, however, don’t have that luxury. Their little bodies can get extremely hot in warm weather but they don’t possess the brain power to be able to tell us about it – either that or they’re just lazy.

It’s incredibly important to ensure your newborn remains cool as otherwise you could end up with a very hot and bothered baby who could even end up requiring medical attention. With that in mind, here are some ways you can keep you newborn cool in hot weather…


Keep them hydrated

Adults need hydration in hot weather and newborns are no different. However, remember that infants under six months old shouldn’t drink water so provide them with extra milk, either with formula or by nursing more often. Babies in the summer need 50 percent more fluids than at other times of the year, so ensure you keep on top off how much they have.


Ventilate the house well

Your house can become a greenhouse if not ventilated well, which can cause havoc with your baby’s breathing. Ensure that you open windows and internal doors to let the cool air circulate, whilst you can buy fans online at Electric Shop and various other outlets to help keep cool air passing through the house. Fans are a good way of regulating temperature in a nursery when you’re not physically there to help keep them cool.


Plan your trips out

If the sun is beating down outside then it might be wise not to head out between 12 and 3pm as this is when the day will be at its hottest. Try and plan your day so that you go out outside of those times to avoid the potential risk of heatstroke.


Choose the right clothes

Loose fitting, lightweight garments are obviously a much better choice, just like they are for yourself. Don’t put too many layers on your baby as this will quickly trap heat and could cause them to overheat, although removable layers are an excellent idea so you can adjust for fluctuating temperatures. Hats are also good for providing shade when outside in the sun.


Search for shade

If you do go out in the sun then be mindful of how long you spend in it. You might be able to cope with it but your baby probably won’t, so try and seek out some shade whenever possible. Also, your buggy’s extendable visor isn’t just for when it’s raining; it’s for nice weather too and will help provide constant shade.


Never leave your baby in a parked car

This one is obvious but it’s worth saying again. Even with windows cracked, cars can heat up very quickly indeed and can reach dangerously high levels in a matter of minutes. Metal seatbelt buckles can also become hot and can even burn their skin.

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