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Tips to follow for that excellent fit bra

It may look small and ignorable. But a bra is a very essential item of clothing that can literally make or break your look. When shopping for bras, it is deemed necessary to choose one that fits you properly. If you are in a quandary as to how to choose the best fit bra for your assets, here are some crucial pointers that can help you at the time of need.

Get to know about the different types of bras

Enter a lingerie shop and you will be literally flooded with different kinds of bras. Knowing about the different types is considered important as it will help you choose the best fit for your body. So do a little research on the different kinds of bras out there and then head out to shop for one. Accordingly, some of the more common types include demi, push-up, plunge, full coverage, padded, underwire and molded cups, etc.

Go to a lingerie shop that specializes in the sales of bras

There is a difference between buying a bra at your local shopping mall and a branded lingerie shop. The latter will have a wider variety of bras to choose from. It will also have trained bra fitters who will offer you the best advice regarding the size and fit of the bra in accordance to your body.

Don’t be shy of your body type

This is a very essential pointer to take note of. The same kind of bra does not every body type. So find out your body type before shopping for a bra. For instance, an apple shaped body with a heavy top needs full coverage bras and not a demi. Similarly, a pear shaped body with a less heavy top will look better in a demi or push-up bra.

Don’t shop around for the same size

You might have sported a size 36 bra some time ago. That doesn’t mean you can fit into the same size even now. Hormonal fluctuations can cause regular changes to a woman’s body shape and size. So ensure to try on more than one size to check which fits you best. Don’t get stuck in a size rut by shopping for the same size again and again and again.

Don’t get stuck with a number as well

You might have a size 36 breast. However, that doesn’t mean that all bras of that size will fit you. The key to choosing a bra that fits you properly is to go according to the cup size. If you notice, a size 36 bra may come in four variations (36A, 36B, 36C and 36D). It is the same for all other sizes as well. So ensure to try out different cup sizes as well to choose the best fit.

Scrutinize yourself carefully when trying out a bra

Make sure you give yourself the roving eye when trying out a bra in the dressing room. Examine every inch of your upper body in the mirror. The sight of even a single gap, digging or spillage translates to an improper fit. The bra you choose must be fit enough to cover your breasts fully without making them spill out. The straps should also not dig into the skin. Check the back band as well for any gaps, bulges and riding, signs of which indicate that this is not the right bra for you.

Check out Different Brands

Bra sizes and fits differ from brand to brand as well. If you don’t like the fit of one particular brand, consider trying on a few more to see which one suits your body best. How do you know if the fit is right? The bra you wear needs to support and lift up your breast away from your rib cage.

Choosing the right kind of bra can become a daunting task if you are not aware of how to choose one. A few simple tips and tricks however, can help you choose the best fit bra for your body shape and size with ease.


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