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Tips to deal with 5 Pregnancy discomforts

Pregnancy causes a number of changes in the physical elements of a woman’s body. The change in the weight and shape of the body are just the most apparent change, Other changes such as increment of body secretion, harder working of the heart, flexibility of ligaments and joints and alterations of hormones. Hence, the consequences of these changes are perceived in the body easily. One has to take measures in order to fight discomforts that occur in the pregnant women’s body. Below, there are five major problems or discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. The solutions or the ensures to fight them are also given.

1. Vomiting or feeling nauseated: One of the most common discomforts is the tendency of vomiting or feeling nauseated. In order to avoid this, good diet is what is required. A pregnant woman should never stay hungry for a very long period of time. The diet must consist of low calorie food, food that is rich is carbohydrate in the form of fruits and breads. One must eat snacks full of proteins prior to going to bed. Also, before coming out of the bed, consuming dry, starchy food in the form of cereal or toast can help to a large extent. One must not suddenly get out of bed. A sudden change of body position can be the cause of nausea. It is perceived that most pregnant are comfortable to cold food than hot food. Hence, it is better to reduce the consumption of hot beverages such as coffee. Hot coffee not only causes discomfort buts is also responsible for secretion of acids. Acids can cause nausea.

2. Constipation: The second most commonly seen problem amongst pregnant women is the occurrence of constipation. In order to avoid the pains of constipation, the solution is to consume food that is rich in fiber such as dried fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grain products. A breakfast that has five grams of fiber per serving should be accommodated into the diet. Such a diet will help in the promotion of natural bowel movement and also go towards the softening of the stool. In order to avoid constipation, drinking water is essential, eating fruits like runes, figs or consuming rune juice acts like magic as these are considered to be natural laxatives. If the problem is still not sorted, then one is advised to visit a doctor who will give stool softeners in order to get rid of the constipation problem.

3. Fatigue: The sensation of fatigue is one of the common problems associated with pregnancy. The sense of fatigue is high during the first trimester. Hence, a lot of sleep and rest is essential. Sleep in the form of small naps also helps instead of long hour sleep. The levels of energy in the body of a pregnant woman tends to rise after the initial three months. However, the sensation of insomnia and fatigue again comes back in the last few months of pregnancy. Good massages, warm baths and drinking energetic drinks are some of the ways in which a pregnant woman can fight the sensation of tiredness and fatigue.

4. Heart burns: Heart burns are one of the most discomforting problems that occur during pregnancy. In order prevent heart burns one should control one’s diet. One should eat in smaller quantities but eat in frequent intervals. One should completely avoid rich and fatty food. It is advisable to avoid drinking carbonated beverages. Also milk is often responsible for the cause of heart burns and hence should be avoided. One must not lie down flat immediately after having a mean. Even if one does, the head and shoulders must be elevated with the help of pillows.

Also it is perceived that consuming certain antacids can cause problems in one’s body. Hence, it is compulsory to take suggestion from a medical practitioner before purchasing any antacid from a chemist shop.

5. Lower back pan: One of the most common problems seen during pregnancy is the lower back pan. This occurs simply because of the change in posture due to extra amount of weight in front. In order to relax one’s body, a pregnant woman should not stand in one position for a very long period of time. Pelvic rock is one exercise that should be practiced by a pregnant woman in order to reduce the back pain. This exercise also helps in the strengthening of the lower back muscles which experiences the maximum amount of stress.

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