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Things that mothers must tell daughters about sex education

Mothers may find it difficult to talk about birds and bees to their daughters. But with an increasing number of teenagers indulging in sexual activity it is important to educate daughters about sex and sexual abuse.

  1. Give her tips on dating

Once your daughter reaches dating age discuss with her about the type of guy she should be seeing and the ones that need to be avoided. Also, make her understand that in her teens she should be dating guys that are her age. She should not go in for a man who is older than her by even a couple of years.

  1. Ask her not to bow down to peer pressure

Make your daughter understand that come what may she must not bow down to peer pressure. She should not get involved in something which she finds embarrassing.  You should make her understand that her self-respect is more important than anything else.

  1. Educate her about sex

Yes, mothers have to make their daughters aware about the drawbacks of having sex at a tender age. Make them aware of the consequences of unprotected sex. Tell them about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy which can ruin their lives. If required, you may also tell them about birth control methods.

  1. Educate them about sexual abuse

This you need to start telling your daughter when she is small. Tell her to keep away from strangers. Educate her about “good touch” and “bad touch”. Tell your daughter to inform you immediately when anyone, whether a stranger or a known person misbehaves or acts funny. When your daughter is in her teens and all set to date someone educate her about date rape. Train her in such a way that she should be able to protect herself.

  1. Give her the confidence that you are her friend

Develop a friendly rapport with your daughter so that she feels comfortable talking and discussing with you about all her problems. You must generate that confidence in her that even if she makes a mistake she can come tell you about the same. God forbid and if she does suffer from sexual abuse then too let her know that you will help her fight the culprits.

All parents have to understand that sex education will have a positive impact on the lives of these young minds. Therefore, they must take the initiative to educate their children on every aspect of sex.


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