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The truth about global warming is covered up, says NASA

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Global warming or the climate change has been a big environmental issue for the whole world. It’s a challenge before humanity to overcome the destructive forces of nature for his safe survival on the earth. More or less, all are aware of the fact that global warming is a threat that we can no longer ignore.

But, NASA has something else to say on the matter. James Hansen, the leading climate scientist of NASA, blames corrupt politics for hiding the truth about global warming. He argues that people are still unaware of the extent and seriousness of the matter. The political leaders and the big oil executives are to blame, for they are making money at the expense of public interests. They are getting selfish in the sense that, the true facts about climate change is being largely covered up from the common man.

Money is the ruling force in the big nations and democracy has lost its significance. That’s why the governments of many countries are concentrating only on making the land rich and industrially developed, but what about the rising level of CO2? It’s already much above the normal level. If we go on ignoring the problem like this, the situation will be out of control in the near future.

Plan for establishment of any new coal-fired power plants should be put on a hold. Rather measures should be taken to use the solar and wind energy instead of the polluting energy, such as oil and coal etc. It will help to check the rapid environmental changes.

We, the common people may not be aware of the degree of danger global warming is posing, but no politics can cover up the truth that is already spread in the air.

Source: dailygalaxy

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