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10 Most Sold iPod Applications

<![CDATA[There are many so many iPod applications being introduced on daily basis. But only a few can make their way and stay for long. Some are mentioned below as per their record sales in their respective countries. Have a look!!

#1 Back breaker 2 Vengeance – France

This American football game was Updates to this popular sports simulator include a “vengeance mode”, allowing gamers to tackle, rather than run with the ball, new moves and two new stadiums.

#2 ITV Player – UK

British Users of this application can view programs on their handset up to seven days after they were broadcasted. The application covers programs shown on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. A wireless connection is required to view content.

#3 Line Birds Canada

Fantastic time pass. User gets involved with the game and time flies. Players of this game have to guide their bird past dangerous flying objects and obstacles. Each bird has a special ability such as being able to travel through time or invisibility.

#4 Icee Maker – USA

Themed around the creation of the frozen beverage made in America by the ICEE company. This application offers its users fun, try their hand at creating their own cold ICEE drink, by choosing the drinks flavour, customising the cup and even cleaning the machine.

#5 Call Platinum – Japan

This application provides users either with fantasy conversation with a variety of women or diagnoses their feelings. It’s name translates roughly into English as “Call Platinum”.

#6 Zattoo Live Digital TV – Germany

This live TV streaming application provides users with content from over 40 international channels, including  ZDF, ARD Sport, France 24 and CNN international. Users can watch these program online or from the Zatto website after paying some subscription/service fee.

#7 The Jail Game Escape 3D – Australia

Players of this 3D puzzle game have to escape from jail by using only the objects in their cell, a number of which are hidden from view and must be found by searching the surrounding environment.

#8 QQ2011 Social Networking – China

This application is a Chinese-language social messaging service QQ to the iPhone. It supports multiple accounts, picture-integrated chat and saves conversation  with fiends of  last seven days.

#9 My Occupation – Korea

The application scan  finger prints of the user against the screen, based upon the characteristics of the user’s print, the application then suggests the job that would suit them best.


#10 Dove Conviene – Italy

The iPhone application designed to facilitate Italian consumer to locate electronics and household accessories store of same name . Users of the application can  search for products by name, browse catergories and find Dove Conviene stores in their area.


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