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Quitting job and staying at home 24/7 does not mean waking up as and when one desires or enjoying the freedom of anything pleases one during the day. The kids generally dictate the schedule. Today, a rising number of dads […]

become a good stay at home dad

Parents play a crucial role in the growth and development of their little ones. A father or mother who fails in establishing a proper relationship with their kids’ right from infancy can never build a good and functioning bond with

father and son relationship

Apartments are getting smaller by the day. Where space is a luxury, we give you some really cool ideas to design your studio apartment .

design your studio apartment

Parenting has never been an easy task and especially with the changing environment and the increasing demands of the new generation, parents find it even trickier. The only way to deal with the present day smart kid is to earn

Smart ways of parenting

Just because you have a big family with at least a few kids doesn’t mean you need to make your home look sober. There are plenty of ways you can child proof your home and still make it friendly enough

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