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Tips to make your Home look Stylish and Family Friendly at the same time

Just because you have a big family with at least a few kids doesn’t mean you need to make your home look sober. There are plenty of ways you can child proof your home and still make it friendly enough for the entire family. Here are some decorating tips for your home that would make it look both family friendly and classy.


Opt for Open Floor Plans

Having distinct divisions between rooms in the house can separate the family members and make individual spaces look cramped. Open up space by removing the division between two adjacent rooms (for ex: the hall and the kitchen) to make it more roomy and comfortable for the entire family. This would also allow everyone to not feel separated from the others, allowing family members to mingle with each other freely.

Durable Materials would help

Decorating a house which has kids running about is not an easy task. Décor damaging accidents are prone to happen. So use durable materials that would last the test of time. Opt for stain proof paints for the walls, dark colored upholstery for sofas and rugs, and glass free center or side tables. Switch glass or ceramic vases with plastic or other unbreakable materials. This way, you can maintain the décor without worrying about your kids damaging it.

Use Poufs

Instead of using extra sofas, recliners or chairs to seat extra family members, use poufs which can enable you to save space in the rooms in addition to introducing a touch of leather in the rooms. They are extremely comfortable too. So don’t be surprised if everyone ditches the sofas and chairs, and starts fighting for the poufs.

Move Away from Pinks and Blues

Most parents decide on pink for girls and blue for boys, and paint their rooms accordingly. Think out of the box and opt for other attractive colors like yellow or light green. Make sure the furnishings and decorations in the room match the base color. You can also opt to use two different colors to highlight certain portions of the room like the play or study areas.

Use Bookshelves are Distinct Art Pieces

Not many know that bookshelves can be used as creative art pieces. The more you fill them with different kinds of books, the more artistic they would appear. Don’t restrict bookshelves to living rooms and hallways as well. Opt for more creative touches like placing them behind the bed in the bedroom or under the staircase. These would make them look more inviting in addition to keeping them out of harm’s way from children.


Design does not need to take a backseat with the arrival of children. There are plentiful ways you can make your home look stylish, sophisticated and inviting without worrying about potential accidents or damages. Keep these tips in mind to help you out.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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