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Becoming ‘Super dad’ from dad

Most dads aspire to become super dads or best dads but they fail to do so due to certain roadblocks in their way. How many times have you ever played with your child without making excuses or saying ‘a minute later’? Do you manage not to break your promises? Time is dynamic, as the years pass on, many daddies are left wondering that why their kids do not seem to have fun with them anywhere. If we wish to succeed as a father then we must create meaningful and strong bond with our family members and let them know their value in our life. We should be able to balance our professional and personal life efficiently. Don’t worry if you don’t have much time. All you need to do is to read the seven simple steps to add some quality time to your hectic schedule.

1.Cut back on the amount of work you bring home

Getting back to home with less office work will let you in spending more time with your lovely kids at home. It’s ok if you are not able to accomplish much work as you won’t lose your customers and still maintain a good rapport with them. If the workload is more, let our children fall asleep. If this is also not possible then explain them the scene.

2. Give them your undivided attention

While reading bed time stories, making pizzas or playing with them, make your kids realize that you are theirs and just theirs. Be present with them at every single moment and show them that what they mean to you. Stop being an unconscious parent who says something and thinks something else.

3. Together create family rituals

You take your family for movies, weekends and holidays occasionally, right? But do you capture all those moments spent together? Make a scrapbook or a photo album of your family and decide together that what photos or souvenirs you would like to see in it. Leave some space for captions to be added. This is a great way to relive and enjoy all the funny and sweet moments forever. Keep the history alive in this manner.

4. Keep distance from separating you all

Sometimes business meetings and many other deals require you to spare some extra time and demands you to stay away from home. But this is not a reason to worry about, after all your work is equally important and cannot be compromised at any instant of time. To make your absence turn into your presence, read a story and record it and let your kids listen to it when you are not available. Take the family photos to the office. Keep in touch via regular phone calls and emails. Ask them if they miss you. Send your love through the moon and tell them that the moon will get them your love and affection.

5. Work towards making ordinary things fun

Use your imagination and introduce the fun element into daily and ordinary works that you do. Dish and cloth washing and cleaning up the home are the unexciting jobs that can be made interesting and bearable when you take them as a game. Life perceives us the way we perceive it. It’s our attitude that matters a lot in the game of life.

6. Let your kids get to know you

Of course, each child is familiar with the word “Dad”, but there are other traits too, his persona, his individuality. As the time proceeds and as the child grows up, start sharing your thoughts and dreams for them. Tell them that you do get scared for them when you think of their future. Share with them your good and bad experiences that you had while growing up. Ask your kids if they are passionate about something. Suppose, if your son is fond of playing football and then encourage him to give his best in it.

7. Stay involved in your teen’s life

Try to explore the common interests or show decent interest in those activities that they are fond of. Make sure that you cheer them up in their sports events. Help them to find suitable jobs. Help him to make his resume, drive him to the interview place. Drop him to a mall so that he can shop well. Show interest if your child is dating someone; though this is difficult when it comes to a daughter dating a guy. Be a motivational speaker and a perfect guide.

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