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Style your home with these fresh ideas

Your home is your heaven and this is a place that surely needs the best. As people pay more attention to make small changes to their house with the latest products, the smart home concept is gaining momentum. Here are a few ideas that can help you style your house with the best smart home products you can find in the market.

Your dressing table can offer you a lot more

Your dressing table

You traditional dressing table has now evolved into something that gives you a lot more than just your reflection. The smart dressing table comes with various sensors and a touch screen that offers various functions and features. While you are getting ready, you can catch up with the daily news and also check the daily schedule. For those who love music your dressing table lets you hear your favorite songs since it is equipped with the Bluetooth connectivity.

This allows you to connect to your mobile phone and listen to all the songs that you want. Apart from listening to songs, you can also make and receive calls.  In the following years to come, you will find additional features and benefits if you convert to this dressing table. One of the features that are in the pipeline is the ability to show you the right combination that you can wear.

Your own style guru, your mirror

Ideal for women, this mirror is no ordinary mirror; this is because now you will have your own style guru right in front you. You can get various suggestions on the different hairstyles and makeup that would look good on you.  The mirror is equipped with sensors that can capture the features of your face.

It also analyzes the condition of your skin as well as tells you what kind makeup would suit your face.  Another version of the smart mirror is the one that can be kept in the bathroom. This one guide you will you are brushing your teeth and also let you knows your present dental health.

Cocktail parties are a hit with this bartender

Your cocktail party will always be a hit with the Smart bartender; there are two versions of this particular system. One is a scale that guides you with the exact portion and measurement while the other is fully functional equipment that will mix the drink automatically for you.  There are preset cocktails that can be selected, some versions of the smart bartender also mixes up mocktails for those who are not in the mood for some alcohol.

Scrumptious mouth watering food with the brainy pan

brainy pan

With the brainy pan, you do not need anybody’s help to come up with some mouth watering dishes. This pan not only has a huge collection of recipes stored, however, it also tells you the possible work around if your dish lacks something. This is because it automatically analysis the ingredients of the dish while you are mixing them. Apart from that, it will also let you know exactly how long it will take for your dish to be ready.

The perfect fan for a potato couch

The Smart Fan is designed keeping in mind the energy saving benefit along with the ability to cool the place face. This fan comes with the relevant app that can be used to make the necessary adjustments and settings. You can also group your lights and fans so that it can be managed easily, along with that it also come with motion sensors that are in built. These sensors come in handy to detect when there is someone in the room.

The fan switches on automatically if there are people sitting in the room and when no one is around, it switches off automatically. The speed of the fan adjusts automatically to the temperature to ensure that you get cool air. It also comes with a special sleep mode which ensures that you sleep well at night comfortably.

Summers can still be pleasant with Mr. Misty

The summers can get pretty uncomfortable with the temperatures hitting the roof, well now thanks to the smart technology; this problem can be solved with the help of Mr. Misty. This mist box is an eco friendly product that can keep your house cool even in the midst of the scorching heat.

It also helps in making the necessary adjustments to the Air conditioning unit to ensure that you are comfortable even if it is hot outside. It keeps on bursting small amounts of mist to keep the air cool indoors.

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