Smart devices that keep a check on your health at home

Over the past decades, revolution in technology has drastically changed the aspect of our everyday life. The health sector is no exception. With innovations in medical industry, the machines now connected with smartphone have digitized the health sector too. This new modernized world of medical technology is not only changing the way we understand diseases,but also helping to lead a healthy life.  The new gadgets and devices not only replace physicians but also let us understand each and every aspect of healthy living.

It does sound good that how home devices linked with smartphone and tablets can track and analyze one’s health and give better reviews on leading a hale and hearty life. Here is a list of five smart devices that take care of your health.

Nora Smart Snoring Solution

Nora Smart Snoring Solution

To offer a snore-free sleep, a team of engineers has created Nora, the world’s first and non-invasive snoring solution to eliminate the possibility of using irritating masks or nose strips. The pebble-shaped Noradetects the sound of snoring and activates the pump. The pump in return silently inflates the bladderby changing the headposition, offering relaxed throat muscles and a snore-free experience to your partner.

Fully functional with dedicated iOS application, it gives insights about sleeping and snoring pattern of a user. Available for pre-order, the Nora smart snoring solution is priced at $239 and is expected to be delivered by August, 2016.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

App-enabled thermometer is designed to track fever and symptoms to share with your family and physician. Amalgamatedwith technologicaladvancements,Kinsatracks heath of each individual at home and the collected data can be easily transferred via smartphonewith the help of an audio jack.Starting at $18.96, the durable, comfortable and easy-to-use thermometer is ideal for infants, children and adults. Designedto offer exact reading in 10 seconds,an interactive screen letsyour kids enjoy temperature reading experience.


Awair is a smart device

Awair is a smart device designed to track and improve air quality to offer healthy and breathable environment. Fitted with advance sensing technology, it monitors five most important factors of indoor air quality, i.e., temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs and dust. Designed to easily fit into contemporary living and interiors, simple design of Awair makes it an ideal product for offering breathable air withoutcompromising the interiors.

Designed to connect with other devices, it uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smart home devices while sending updates on your smartphone. Priced at $199, Awair includes device, power adaptor and a quick start guide.

Eight Smart Mattress Cover

Eight Smart Mattress Cover

Designed to offer the most comfortable sleep, Eight is an advanced heating pad that comes with some advanced features. Provided with technology to sense and analyze over 15 factors of the bedroom environment for a perfect sleep, it adjusts temperature to offer goodnight’s sleep.Compatible with smart mobile devices, the application shows you when the cover is heating up and has reached the ideal temperature while eliminating the worries of overheating. Available for preorder at $249, Eight will be shipped by April, 2016.



This little smart device is a deep health tracker that brings medical laboratory to home. Designed to allowusers’checklevel of testosterone, Vitamin D, fertility, influenza and inflammation with the small amount of saliva, blood, Cue connects with your smartphone to offer all important health-related information.Priced at $199, the product is currently available for preorder.

The smart devices not only keep a track o your daily routines andkeep you posted about your health routine, but alsogive you a chance to opt for a better and healthy life.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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