Simple tips to enhance your basement

enhance your basement

Basement is that area of the house that can confuse or keep you plain clueless, thinking how to utilise it perfectly. Lack of ventilation and darkness are the major weak points of basement rooms. However, if the following handy tips are used, you can brighten your basement and make it vibrant and cheerful. Following are simple ways to stylise your basements:

Colouring the walls bright:

Brighter walls radiate more light as compared to dark coloured walls. Combined with huge objects of furniture along with lovely sprays of bright colour can make the room look radiant.

Open floor increases space:

For basements that do not have windows, an effective way to make them look big and airy is by removing an unwanted wall that is part of the room. It helps the room look spacious and big.

Do not clutter the room:

Many houses clutter basements in a haphazard manner that makes it look dull and full. This can be avoided by placing appropriate objects and in a well-organized manner using shelves, cupboards, drawers etc.

Systematic lighting arrangements:

Most of the basements have less height and hence hanging ceiling lamps or chandeliers can make them look even smaller. Wall mounted lights or bulb, table lamps or floor lighting can be an effective way to enhance the space of the room.

Curtains and artificial windows can do the trick:

Light coloured curtains and artificial windows can help your basement look spacious and bright. Artificial windows can undoubtedly be used for rooms that lack real windows.


In order to make the room brighter mirrors used strategically can help reflect the minimal light coming in the room thus multiplying the brightness. Cupboards or shelves with mirrors can do the trick.

Shiny Floor tiles:

Floors reflect a lot of light. If shiny tiles are used, they reflect light all across the room both during day and night.

Proper Styling/theme:

Basements if styled elegantly surely add to the decor of the rest of the rooms. The themes should be similar to the rest of the home decor.

Easy/fun Furnishing:

Basements can be used as a mini lounge or a pleasure activity room too. Placing a pool table or an indoor game inside the basement can keep the room active.


Basements can be stylised and utilized to the best if designed properly. Thematic and spacious designing can make the room attractive and vibrant.



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