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Seven Things to learn from Lady Gaga to be a winner in life

<![CDATA[Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or Lady Gaga is the first celebrity who has a record number of 22 million twitter followers. Yes, getting famous does not come easy at least it did not come easy to Lady Gaga. Here are 7 things that you can learn from Lady Gaga that would rock your world.

Dream Big

Lady Gaga whose parent came from a lower middle class family never let her socioeconomic status come in her way to success. She knew what she wanted and worked towards it. Now, Lady Gaga is super successful at the age of 28nd really knows how to maintain it. Always dream big as it costs nothing and keeps you motivated. (Image)

Plan your life

She knows what she is going to do the next moment. Lady Gaga herself is involved in every song, interview and even outfits she puts on stage. It has not just happened by chance, she really knows all how to get things done. She writes her own massages, shares her pictures and gets personally involved. This is what you need to do in life. Nothing comes easy, the more you work towards it the closer you come to your goal. (Image)

Get a grip

Lady Gaga is a star who stays associated with her fans. She knows how to keep them connected with her music and this magic works wonders for her. Having 50 million people liking you on Facebook is a big deal for sure. She stays in touch with her fans, always appreciating their love for her. Lady Gaga even invites her fans to perform with her on stage and this attitude wins the heart of the millions. She makes her fans feel special. Giving love in life makes things easy for you, as we get more positive in life. Take control of your life in your own hands. (Image)

Stay connected


It is not a one way connection, Lady Gaga reads all the tweets and comments. Well, a nice way to get into the heads of her fans plus she gets to know what her fans are really up to. Be consistent in your efforts and do not leave anything over chance. (Image)

Create your own style


From tip top Lady Gaga has a style statement of her own. She is so innovative and inventive in her style that no one comes even close. A team of designers, stylists and her own involvement in every bit of it is just to make her look magnificent. Be it her choice of dresses or her hairdo it all looks completely out of the world and iconic in itself. We all have an individuality of our own; you just need to dust it off a little and love yourself since only then you can make others love you for you. (Image)

Do what you love to do the most


Lady Gaga, apart from everything else knows her job like the back of her hand. Being super stylish or putting on attractive dresses would not have served the purpose if she were not a talented musician. Lady Gaga is a musician, and she does her job well. She does what she does the best and that is what makes her so popular among her fans and so successful. If you do what you love to do, it would bring the best in you. (Image)

Take risks in life


Lady Gaga always tried her hands at new concepts and got success. From jazz with Tony Bennett to a duet with Elton John or as a guest with the Rolling stones on “Gimme shelter,” she does not seem afraid to take a risk at all. Lady Gaga never leaves an opportunity to try something new. If you do not take risks in life, you hardly get to know what you are capable of. (Image)]]>


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