Seven best techniques to stop being miserable

<![CDATA[Even after trying everything, most of us keep feeling miserable and unfulfilled, as it is not doing more but making correct choices in life.  Making those decisions that can give you the happiness that stays long. These feelings of emptiness need to be taken care of as they turn into stress and depression.

Know the purpose of your life

No, it is not at all the spiritual stuff. It is simply waking up each day knowing what you have to do. You should not feel stuck with a wrong choice of job. Find what you love to do. Do something that you are good at, something that you love to do. You cannot expect yourself to be a superhuman who is perfect at everything. May be you have not explored or tried enough to attain your career perspective. No matter if you fail and people laugh at you. Start from a scratch if you have to. (Image)

Act upon it

When you realize your purpose of life then start acting upon it. It would not be a piece of cake for sure. On the contrary, it would be much harder than simply rolling with the punches. Consistency is important when you want to achieve something. At times, you would lose courage, feel like going back to the old routine but just hold on to it and move on. To get rid of that “I am so miserable” feeling, you have to follow a track. (Image)

Accept love

Instead of expecting likes on your latest post on social networking websites, be there for your family and friends. It is not important that your colleaugues, boss and all of your friends always admire you. Look around you already have people who love and accept you as you. You take their love for granted. Start giving love. Try to give love to everyone without expecting anything back. Love your family, friends, colleagues unconditionally. (Image)

Be responsible to choose your own path


It is so simple, if your boss is in a bad mood you would have bad day. Why is that so? Take the control of your life in your own hands. Take suggestions from family and friends but make the final decision yourself. Even if you fail, you would take learning out of it. Do not let anything or anyone come between realizing your dreams. Stop depending on others for your happiness. (Image)

Lose yourself

“I can’t do this” or “it is beyond my capabilities,” there is a problem if you keep coming up with phrase like. Do not limit your boundaries. Things are difficult at times but not impossible. Do not stop yourself from taking initiatives in life even if you fail. You have no limitations. Enjoy this journey of realizing the greatness in you. (Image)

Move on in life


What is gone has become past. Do not get caught in past. You cannot change or turn back time, no matter how hard you try. Future is uncertain and unknown. Stay in the present and appreciate it. These moments would never ever come back so, cherish them. (Image)

Write your dreams


Start writing your goals and dreams today, big or small they are your own dreams. Writing them would always keep them in your notice and it would motivate you even more. (Image)

Act upon all the above given tips and change your life. You would not feel unfulfilled or miserable, as you would be living life your way.]]>

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