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Russia, China, India top Dirty 30 List

russia emerging as greatest polluter

As the world gets richer, environment gets poorer. With technological advancement, there is degradation in the environment. Russia, China, U.S. and India stand as the biggest polluters on earth. Disasters like Chernobyl and Bhopal haven’t opened the eyes of the world.

There was a time when people lived a green life, with the U.S. and the UK as the only culprits of environment, but as nations like Russia, China, India and the like started toeing the U.S., the result is in front of our eyes. The environment is inching towards disastrous levels with enormous amounts of polluted gases diffused into the atmosphere. Increasing population has further burdened the environment, making a mockery of nature.

pollution in china increasing by leaps and bounds

Reckless industrialization and ruthless deforestation have added to the misery of the environment, disturbing the various atmospheric cycles, heralding a new era of departure of the clean, pure atmosphere. Luxurious human styles of living, flooding of markets and homes with electronic products that are the biggest killer of environment have brought earth to the doorstep of death, particularly with global warming setting in, bringing the departure of pristine earth.

india pollution

Russian provinces dot the initial ranks amongst the most polluted cities. Being a country rich in natural gas, coal, oil and petroleum, mining is the most important feature of life of many of the Russians that only adds gallons of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere, causing respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, lung infection and birth defects. Pollution related diseases are increasingly becoming the biggest killers on earth.

China is no less in stuffing the environment with hazardous gases. In its strive to get past the developing countries to be on par with developed ones, China has exploited natural environment to the greatest possible extent and the result of which is visible to all of us. India too with the second highest population is striving for development and in this leap for success, nature became the prime target; deforestation, vehicular emissions, computerization and ruthless mining have all resulted in environment degradation.

The prolific usage of environment for airing human needs has brought the downfall for environment. Dirty atmosphere with choked air, oceans and seas beckons nations of the world to put their unrelenting exploitation of the environment on hold, else tomorrow will be very late. Or is it time to be back to primitive living again? Food for thought!




Source: Reuters

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