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The role of a custodial parent in the life of a child

Custodial parent is a parent who gets the legal right to take full time care of the child and with whom the child resides. Being a custodial parent involves many responsibilities. If you are the custodial parent then the child’s schooling, education and upbringing all are your responsibilities. You will have to give them moral support and help them lead a healthy, normal life.

The custodial parent is also referred to as the primary care parent and he or she must provide clothing, food and accommodation to the kid. Children from a broken home, or who have lost their real parents, go through a lot of trauma. They are vulnerable, naïve and need proper support and care from their custodial parent. The custodial parent has the power to shape a kid’s character and future.

One of the two primary parents is chosen to be the custodial parent when the mother and father separate legally or divorce. The Court of Law determines who will be the legal guardian after considering the eligibility of both parents carefully.

The custodial parent you must be able to provide a stable home, healthy ambience, food, lodging and education to the kid. Parents who often shift base and travel too much leaving their kids behind are not considered a good custodial guardian.

The non-custodial parent is the parent who was not given the legal right to reside full time with the child but they will get opportunity to spend some quality time as per the regulations of the court of law.

In many cases, the non-custodial parents get the chance of spending holidays and summer vacations with their kids. The non-custodial parent has to help the custodial parent financially and pay for the education, extra curricular activities, health insurance and medical treatments of the child.

In some cases the court orders, the non-custodial parent to provide a monthly allowance for the upbringing of the child.

If the custodial parent is unable to provide care to the child then the non-custodial parent will have to assume the role of the primary caregiver. Parents should be careful not to hurt the feelings of their child in a custody battle and act always as matured and responsible individuals.


Custody of a child comes with a great lot of responsibilities. The parents should be careful not to emotionally damage the child and help them lead a normal life.

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