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Recognizing Signs of Moisture Damage in Your Crawl Space


Homeowners often struggle with the decision of encapsulating a crawl space. How you maintain your crawl space may depend on the climate in your area. Crawl spaces can attract moisture easily, quickly contributing to damage to the entire home. If you have frequent inclement weather or live in a humid area, your crawl space may need frequent maintenance or repairs. You can prevent damage to your home by recognizing the signs of moisture damage in your crawl space.

1. Musty Smell


If you notice a musty smell that continues for several days or weeks, you may have too much moisture in your crawl space. Mold can begin to grow and move into the main living area of your home. The humidity from a wet crawl space can also cause an uncomfortable temperature in your home, as well. Once you notice a musty smell, you may already have mold or significant damage. Call a professional for Huntsville, AL crawl space repair immediately.

2. Standing Water

You may see standing water by simply looking under your home with a flashlight. Water may also collect near the crawl space or in other parts of your yard. Standing water anywhere on the property can indicate a foundation problem. If water remains in your crawl space for a long time, however, water damage may begin. You can prevent water damage by getting a repair, drying out the area, and encapsulating the crawl space. 

3. Rotten Wood and Structural Problems


Rotten wood can make your home unsafe. Moisture eventually causes deterioration on the wood parts of your home. You may see rotten wood in your crawl space, or notice damage to the main part of your home. You may notice cracks in the walls when the home becomes unlevel due to a failing wood-based support system. In some extreme cases, the subfloor of your home can rot, causing soft spots. The floor may feel spongy, or collapse in various places. 

4. Pests

Pests need a reliable water source to survive. If you see more rodents or insects than normal around your home, check the crawl space. Sometimes rodents simply look for a warm space to nest during the winter months. Mosquitos often breed in standing water during the warm months. Rodents can cause damage on their own, even without water involved. Have the crawl space inspected if you see pests. You may find water in the crawl space that sustains the unwelcome visitors.

You can inspect your crawl space regularly to look for moisture. If you catch water early, you can clean it or get a repair before severe damage takes place. You can also learn to recognize the signs of water damage. Moisture often causes a musty smell, mold, and rotten wood in a crawl space. Long-term water exposure can affect the stability of your entire house. You may also notice an influx of pests near your home if you have standing water in your crawl space. Rodents and insects need water to survive. Pay attention to changes in your home and crawl space to keep your home safe and healthy.

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