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Planning for a home extension, here is what you need to know

There comes a point in time when we require a bigger house. No doubt, shifting would be the first thing that comes in our minds; but when that is not an option, what is the way out. Well, in such cases, you can consider a home extension.  A person can opt for a house extension various ways; it can be by adding a garage, extra rooms or even making an extra floor or bathroom.  It purely depends on a variety of factors.

Factors that determine the house extension planning

There are varieties of factors that determine whether you should go for a home extension. No doubt, we all would love to have some extra space in our house; but the reality is that this is a big step, which requires a cool minded decision. Every factor plays a vital role in the overall outcome of the new change you plan to bring in.

Budget of the person

The first and foremost factor that determines what kind of extension a person can go for is the budget. Extending the house is an expensive affair. It requires proper planning and budgeting. You also need to sit down and brainstorm the costs you will incur while getting the job done.

The design or layout of the new extension

The next point that comes into the picture is the layout or design that they plan to incorporate. You have to plan this well in advance so that you know what kind of modifications you can do within your budget. Taking the help of a professional will make it easy for you to know what kind of changes you need.

The type of permission or approval you get

Another factor that determines your house extension plan is the approval you get from the concerned approvals. Sometimes, you may get the approval for the entire house extension plan. There are times where part of the plan may be approved. For some kind of the extensions, you may not require permission, it is best to find out first if you need to apply for one or not before going ahead.

The value addition the extension will make

When you opt for a house extension, there is a possibility that the new change may affect the value of your house. It can either increase or decrease it. You need to ensure that the new extension should add value to your place and not decrease it. Keep in mind that there are limits to the value that extension may add to your house. The resale value after the new extension has to be considered while making this decision. Sometimes it may be most sensible to shift out from the house than to opt for the extension.

Speak to a structural engineer or architect

A structural engineer or architect can provide valuable Insight about the latest trends in home extension. They can also help you select the right type of modification based on the existing structure of your house. Whether you consider plumbing lines, breaking walls or even adding a new room; planning things out with the help of a professional will actually be more easy and useful.

Understand the goal of the extension

Do not just consider extending your house only because you want to add another room or floor. The goal of the extension should have a particular focus that will prove to be helpful for you. If you are just getting an extension done for the sake of it, you are investing in just an additional place where you can dump things inside without having any use of it.

Creating the right kind of plan based on your needs

Before deciding to go ahead with an extension plan, make a blueprint of it. This blueprint will give you an exact idea of how you can plan your extension and what kind of changes you can make. Another reason why the blueprint will hold a lot of importance is because it lets you know whether your new planning is within the set regulations or not.

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