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Phase water interface project promises a stimulating shower experience

With an aim to explore different ways of interacting with water, Ting-Chung Jessica Cheng, in collaboration with Katrin Baumgarten, Maximo Riadigos and Sivaprakash Shanmugam, has designed the Phase shower. The Phase shower interface draws inspiration from the usual practice of drawing on condensed water. With the Phase shower interface, you can control water effects, lighting and temperature by drawing on the condensed surface, which features FTIR technology. This playful interaction also lets you take a note on the screen and transfer to your mobile devices. Ting-Chung Cheng did a series of experiments to find various ways of interacting with water.

The “Ripple” interface is a musical and mechanical trigger that makes use of IR lasers and LDRs to initiate responses based on the amount of water perturbation on the surface. The Phase features mist, fine spray and powerful shower modes for a truly invigorating shower experience. The shower uses Community Core Vision application, FTIR and an application to identify gestures and control other interactive elements, such as shower mode change and drawings on the surface.  The showering experience has been divided into different stages like warming up, water flow, cloud and energize.

The Phase, winner of the second prize at D&AD awards 2010, lets user enjoy a playful, refreshing shower experience without wasting too much of water.


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