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People who quite literally lived with a skeleton in their closet

<![CDATA[There is no deficit of bizarre incidents and weird people in the society. But there are some incidents carried out by seemingly normal looking people which can leave anyone unnerved. One such facet of creepy behaviour which sounds eerie is living with dead people not just for few hours but for days,months and even years together. Here are few such people who have actually traversed this weird path.

Living with “mummy” literally:

Image Source : Cde.Peru21.Pe

In January 2014, a rather strange incident came to light in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires.The body of 58-year-old Claudio Alferi was found in his apartment kitchen and looked like he had died for almost a month ago. The strange thing was that his mother’s body which had been mummified was found sitting in the kitchen. The body still had slippers on. It looked like she had died at the age of 80. Neighbors claimed that when they enquired about his mother all he said was that she was happy in the house.

Drug addict soulmates:

Image Source : TheTimes.Co.Uk

Hans Kristian Rausing a drug addict billionaire continued with his routine life for two months after the death of his drug addict wife. The truth was revealed only when Hans was detained by London police for driving intermittently and was found to be in possession of drugs.When they searched his house they found the dead body of his wife who had died of drug abuse. Her body lay in a room with flies and garbage bags.

Dead dad for minting money:

Image Source : Img.TheSun.Co.Uk

Some people like Christopher Blackburn choose to deny their loved ones a decent burial for the sake of money.He kept the body of his dead father who died of natural causes for 5 months and collected his father’s pension money.Blackburn was meted out with punishment by law.

Crazy about dead love:

Image Source : I1.Wp.Com

The weirdest case is that of Carl Tanzler-a married man who fell in love with TB patient Elena whom he could not save. He exhumed her body after a year and lived with it for seven years till the truth finally came to light. According to sources,he even seems to have consummated his marriage with his dead love which is a very unnatural behavior. He had even asked for the body after which Elena’s body was buried in an undisclosed place.

Greed, loneliness, psychological problems, too much affection can result in people behaving in such eerie manner. Some people may even deserve sympathies but whatever the reason such acts are uncanny and unacceptable.]]>


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