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Pay close attention to harmful internet beauty tips

harmful internet beauty tips

The internet gives you numbers of information but sometimes it provides you with horrible advice which can get you in trouble. It can mislead you with numbers of wrong information. Nowadays, harmful internet beauty tips are all over on the internet. So many weird beauty tips can cause a ghastly consequence to your skin, resulting in serious negative health consequences. So, beware of the tips and tricks which you gathered from the internet. Make sure to check and always consult the skin expert before trying anything new for your skin and health.

We have come up with some harmful internet beauty tips which are actually dangerous and one should never try this on your skin.

Essential oil for mask and wrapping

Essential oil The essential oil is said to be the best for your skin. It works wonder and there’s nothing wrong in using essential oil. In fact, Citrus essential oil is said to work best in getting rid of cellulite. But, you should have the proper knowledge about when to use this oil and when not.  Don’t use too much for face mask and wrapping as it can burn your skin resulting in itching and swelling. Some people use an excess of it because of which the skin gets red patches and marks. Always remember it works best when used in a small quantity.

Using a toothbrush for peeling dead skin on your lips

lip-careOne of the popular hacks on the internet is the use of a toothbrush for peeling your lips. It is said that if you massage your lips with a toothbrush, it can peel away the dead skin on your lips. But this method can ruin the soft skin on your lips too. It will scrape the parts of your lips and bacteria can easily get inside the crack, which might later lead to lip infection. So don’t go for this idea as you might end up making your lips look lifeless.

Coffee for tanning

coffee-grindsCoffee has many good effects on the skin. It is not that dangerous though, but at the same time, it is not so effective as well. First of all, coffee is expensive and you can’t just use it on a regular basis. The effect that it creates is short lived and insignificant, so there’s no point in using coffee for your skin.

Raw potatoes for oily skin

PotatoesThose who are having oily skin often get concerned and consult a dermatologist to take the advice. After getting so much advice from other sources and still not satisfied, people tend to find the internet. One of the popular hacks on the internet about oily skin is using raw potato which is probably one of the most dangerous beauty trends on the internet today. By using it, you are giving an open invitation to pimples and acne. The raw property clogs your pores thereby give threat to your skin. So make it a point that you don’t use it on your skin. Potatoes are for eating; invest it in making French fries or your favorite dishes and not for some stupid face packs.

Cinnamon as a face mask


One of the popular hacks on the internet is using cinnamon as a face mask. It’s a DIY face mask which you can make at home. It’s one revolutionary tip which was used by so many people around the world. But, soon people started to complain about its side effects. The cinnamon mask makes the skin burn. Cinnamon which is an allergic spice plant is used in cooking to generate heat. So it’s not surprising that cinnamon has known to have a burning effect which irritates the skin making it dull.

Cosmetic oil instead of facial cream

Cosmetic oilCosmetic oil is used instead of facial cream is one of the dangerous beauty trends. It is harmful to the skin which can cause dryness and skin allergy. Creams are the best solution for maintaining the moisture of your skin and oil makes it dull. Extra overdose can make your skin dark and dry. So, try to use oil not more than two times a week.

Safety pin to pop pimples

Removing-Teenage-PimplesA dangerous beauty trend, this includes the use of safety pins to pop up your pimples. This is one of the stupid beauty hacks right now. Pimples have its own life and you should not take an extra effort to break it just because it’s ruining your beauty. When you break the skin with anything like this, the bacteria tend to enter inside the crack holes and it helps the pimple content to push deeper. Thereafter, irritation is going to take much longer time to heal than you thought. Not only this, the pimples also leave a scar on the spot making it more obvious on your skin. Experts say that using q-tips against each side of the pimples would cure them quickly. Moreover, to avoid scarring, you should try applying an antibiotic salve, like Neosporin, which will help fight bacteria and also help the spot heal quickly.

Use of soda for facial peeling

sodaSoda is considered to be the most popular scrub worldwide. People use it to clear the face. But many people don’t know how powerful soda is for your skin. It can damage your skin. According to skin experts, the skin pH balance of your skin is 4.5 and soda has 9 balances and that is the reason soda dries up the skin. It can harm your health as it causes premature aging and wrinkles.

In general, don’t use something on your face which is not meant for it. Never try anything which you hear from someone or see on the internet. Every skin is different and you just can’t apply anything and everything which your friend is using. Always consult a dermatologist or aesthetician before trying anything new.

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