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It’s party time! Popular birthday celebration trends in 2012

The Birthday Party trends for this year are definitely going to be more centered around environmental awareness. Greener birthday party not only celebrates the person but also this beautiful world that we live in. Apart from this many other creative ideas care going to be popular in 2012. From having a organic party to vintage theme celebrations, each birthday trend will have a touch of innovativeness to it! Here are some of the current Birthday Party celebration trends that are in vogue in 2012.

1. Posing at a unique photostation

One of the most exquisite trends that are being followed this year would be photo sessions that had been a great hit last year at wedding events. You can experiment with photo stations and have them according to your birthday party theme. This is a great way to get the kids posing and taking home pictures and keeping them as a memento. You can make your birthday celebrations more thrilling with a photo station and costumes that will get the kids to say “cheese” with a much wider smile!

2. A colorful and exciting Drink Station

During a Birthday Party, the place that is visited the most is the drink station. The trend this year would be to create a kid friendly drink station in which they can experiment with the kind of drink they want with fun flavors accompaniments that can make their drink colorful and interesting. You could go green and healthy with homemade lemonade and juices with various flavored ice cubes and glasses. You could even have a drink station in which the kids could add a scoop of ice cream to their fizzy drinks with toppings of their choice – and this one is an instant hit with the kids. Fresh fruit slushes to hot cocoa drinks – there is a lot that can be done to make the drink station fascinating for the kids.

3. Healthy and wholesome food and treats.

This year’s trend would be to put healthy food on the kid’s plates, whether it is at home or at a party. Healthy food has become a staple on kid’s party menus and families are also getting more conscious about providing allergen free snacks and gluten-free treats along with the regular cupcakes and cookies. It does become tough to avoid junk food in entirety, but if you make healthy snacks attractive, then you have a winning dish on the table. You can put colorful fruit cubes on a skewer with a homemade chocolate or yoghurt dip and see the kids lapping it all up in no time!

4. A girl’s favorite theme – lace and doilies.

The previous year saw vintage as the most popular theme, however, this year there will be a big trend for lace and doily decorations for girls’ birthday parties. You can easily get your props and materials from a local fabric or thrift shop. It is important to have a decorative ambiance for a birthday party that gives the feeling of celebration and festivity. For the lace and doily theme, you could organize a prim and proper tea party for the girls complete with appropriate decorations to go with the theme.

5. Green Birthday Party

The most popular trend this year is that the birthday party will be done in an environmentally responsible manner that reduces the amount of garbage and recycles whatever waste that is created during the same. The most important aspect of making a party eco-friendly is to reduce the carbon footprint by banning the use of disposable cutlery, plates and cups. You can also start off by sending e-invitations or eco-friendly seeded invitations in which each card contains flower seeds. You could also include a line in the invitation requesting the guests to bring along a used toy or book as a present, which would be a great way of recycling. You can also request them to wrap the gift in newspaper or fabric. If you are gifting your child, then try to gift him/her eco-friendly presents. Try to borrow old birthday decorations from friends and use them in a new and creative manner. You can also select some green party favors that are available at shops and online, that will be in line with your green theme.

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