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Parental tips to manage teenagers

Teenage is the age that is accompanied by multifarious changes ranging from physical, mental, emotional, to social changes. The hormonal changes at this stage in life are the biggest change that teenagers experience. Girls develop breasts and their menstrual cycle begins. On the other hand, the facial and pubic hair in boys grows and their voice also changes. The teens start becoming more and more conscious of their physical appearance and spend a lot of time thinking about how people perceive them.

Another challenge that teenagers face is the peer pressure. It is a pressure that other friends or some known ones exert on the individual. Tobacco products use, drugs, alcohol, and sex can be the kinds of peer pressure that a teen can face.

Teenagers tend to make their own choices regarding their friends, food, school, and many other things and they kind of hate authority in this stage of their life. It a quite complex age, as the girl or boy experience so many changes in their life that sometimes it bewilders them, and this is where the parental guidance comes in. The only way to tackle teenagers is through love and understanding.

Following are some tips that will make you understand the behavior of your teenage children really well and you will come to know of the ways that you can use to deal them without hurting them. First, acquaint yourself with all changes that a teenager goes through:

Emotional/Social Changes

  • Increased inclination towards body consciousness, looks and way of dressing. They start spending much more time in getting ready.
  • Owing to all those bodily changes, teenagers start questioning their appearance, and many start feeling that they do not look good.
  • Mood swings are quite persistent.
  • Start giving less importance to family and more of it to the peer group.
  • Throw tantrums if parents show even the least amount of authority.
  • Short temper, anger, stress and frustration are the most common feelings in a teenager.
  • Develop eating disorders.
  • Feel lonesome and depressed, and many choose wrong paths like alcohol and drug use.

Positive Parenting Tips

As this stage is one of the most crucial stages in life, parents should support their teenage children to stop them from falling astray. Following are some ways that you could follow to help your child pass this teenage stage smoothly.

  • You should talk openly regarding issues like drugs, sex and affairs with your child. Tell them all the pros and cons of these issues in a most honest and friendly way. Be a friend to your child.
  • Be frank and meet your children’s friends, so that you know with whom your child hangs out with.
  • Be an active member in your child’s school life.
  • Encourage your child to make his own decisions by teaching him the rights and wrongs.
  • Support your child’s decisions.

Usually parents are too worried regarding their child’s safety. In order to ensure the safety of your teenage children, follow these tips:

  • Teach your child the importance of wearing seat belts while in car, and helmets while riding on bike or on their skateboard.
  • Talk to your child and ask him about his opinions on unsafe sex, drugs, and frequent affairs. Let them talk their heart out and you listen to them carefully. Correct them honestly and directly, wherever you find something wrong with their opinions on these sensitive issues.
  • Encourage your child to choose his company very carefully, as in reject the ones who compel him to choose wrong things and accept the ones who do all healthy activities.
  • While leaving your teenage child alone at home, make sure you talk to him regarding all the sensitive issues and tell him all the bad effects of those activities.
  • Teach the importance of staying fit to your children and encourage them to participate in outdoor sports.


Teenage is indeed the most dynamic age in a person’s life. It is a kind of tense phase not only for the teen but also for the parents. The best way for the parents to deal with teenage children is to be friends with them. Love them, understand them, and then make them understand the pros and cons of their actions.


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