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Outdoor lighting hacks to save money for your home

Not every homeowner is blessed with a nice porch or a patio outside owing to the small sized homes in urban areas, but the ones who have can understand its value. The pleasure and comfort one gets sitting in the porch on pleasant summer evenings or even in the cold winter evenings around a bonfire is just fabulous.

Outdoor lighting is one feature that adds to this comfort and pleasure, and if it is done right, it adds to your savings and makes your home green altogether. Here is your guide to an effective and helpful outdoor lighting, which makes your outdoors bright and help save electricity, eventually enhancing the green quotient of your home.

DIY Ideas for outdoor lights high on creativity and low on price

Forget spending on expensive lamps and other lighting systems to decorate your backyard or the porch, and try out these following ideas that are inexpensive yet extremely beautiful.

The canning jar lights

This is one way you can use to illuminate your outdoor space in a trendy yet affordable way. The best part is that you can make these lamps on your own. Arrange for some canning jars, LED bulbs and cables. Drill a hole in the jar lid so that the wire passes through it well. Coloring the jar from outside enhances its beauty so try coloring jars in different colors and find suitable places to hang these canning jar lights in your porch or patio.

Tin Can Lanterns

Yet another very beautiful and inexpensive alternative for outdoor lighting are the tin can lanterns. Collect as many tins as the number of lamps you want to make. You are supposed to drill holes in the tin, so the better way is to fill the cans with water and freeze it. Take out cans with frozen water and then drill holes in it. You can show some more creativity and drill holes on the tin to match some nice patterns. Paint the cans from outside if you want, and place lighted candles every evening in them.

Solar Light Bulbs

Creativity is all about thinking of new and unique ways that can bring a favorable change in our lives. Such creativity we can see in the solar lighting that is gaining traction worldwide. Solar lights installed in the outdoors illuminate it well and saves money altogether. As it is the time today calls for environmental friendly lifestyle, so why not do so with the solar lighting as well.

Paper Lanterns

So beautiful yet so affordable paper lanterns are. Pick them from market, as they are available in plenty of shapes, sizes and colors on the market, or go for their DIY versions because nothing can suit you best than the one you design yourself. Bring on your creativity and design paper lanterns with remarkable colors and give them all new and unique shapes.

Beer Bottle Lamps

Those empty beer bottles lying in the trash from the house party you had last week can be of great use in this particular DIY project. Get them and fill them with string lights, one by one in a row. A fair long string light would serve this purpose well. Place the beer bottles around planters in the porch, on the wall surrounding your patio, or any other place you like. Switch on the lights and see how beautifully the beer bottle lamps illuminate your outside space.

A good outdoor-lighting need not necessarily require expensive arrangements that literally burn a hole in your pocket. You can get beautiful lighting for your porch or patio that comes well within your budget and saves electricity.


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