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Old tires get their due appreciation with Studio Minarc’s RUBBiSH sink

rubbish sink1

Who said tires are useless once landing in dumping yards? It seems Studio Minarc has found a unique way of using old tires .i.e. by turning them into a usable sink for your kitchen and may be even bathroom. Fondly called the RUBBiSH sink, it has been made out of recycled rubber. The recycled rubber was procured from the melting of old tires. The sheets that come out of the process are merely 1/8” thick, easy to clean and can be easily stretched over a form to give it that shape. So, with the tire beginning its life on the road and ending its life span as a lightweight sink in your kitchen is exactly what I call a good life. And, with its design the old tires have finally got their due appreciation and a new identity.

rubbish sink3

Via: Core77

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