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New species of giant plant-eating dinosaur Unearthed in Argentina

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So massive yet the Skelton indicates that, predators preyed upon even such a massive animal. The 105-foot (32-meter) plant eater has been named Futalognkosaurus dukei, after the Mapuche Indian words for ‘giant’ and ‘chief,’ and for Duke Energy Argentina, which helped fund the dig. North America’s dinosaurs don’t even compare in size to these massive herbivores of South America.

The image shows a plaster cast covering fossils of this new dinosaur species. The National Museum of Brazil released the image. This Patagonian dinosaur was uncovered on the banks of Lake Barreales in the Argentine province of Neuquen.

The dinosaur skeleton represents a new lineage of titanosaurs with bulky necks as per scientists from Argentina and Brazil. The giant herbivore roamed the earth some 88 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous era.

Jorge Calvo, director of the paleontology center at the National University of Comahue, Argentina along with others has calculated the size as thus:

the neck alone must have been 56 feet long; the tail probably measured 49 feet. The dinosaur reached over 43 feet tall, and the excavated spinal column weighed about 9 tons when excavated. One neck vertebra alone measured more than 3 feet high.

The archaeologically rich Patagonia, the region of the new finds in southern South America, is also home to the other two largest dinosaur skeletons known: Argentinosaurus, about 115 feet (35 meters) long, and Puertasaurus reuili, 115 to 131 feet (35 to 40 meters) long. It has yielded more than 1,000 specimens, including 240 fossil plants, 300 teeth and the remains of several other dinosaurs.

Source: Yahoo News

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