Mud volcano-created new Caribbean Island posing threats to small boats

caribbean island

Tourists, who are enchanted by the Caribbean islands, have yet another thrill to add to their touring list. It’s another tiny island which is recently born by an ocean floor-fissure continuously spewing mud.

But, the island breaching a few inches above the ocean’s surface is becoming a thing of concern for small boats, endangering them. Stretching 500 feet long, it is located roughly five miles northeast of Trinidad.

Threatening the small boats of their losing buoyancy, led by the bubbling-up gas coming from the underwater fissure or that run aground in the mud.

Though, the danger seems to be short-lived, as large waves washing away the mud may fade away the fissure – like the 1964 and 2001’s short-lived islands off the Trinidad and Tobago coast – an advisory has been issued for the small boats as a security.

True, such fault lines-lining islands’ birth by “mud volcanoes,” is no new for a scientist, but, surely earns the region’s tourism industry some quick bucks – good for a region’s economy, if not for the fishermen.


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