Most effective tips to make your log home energy efficient


Have you long been dreaming of your own log home? Well, the most vital factor associated with traditional log houses is energy efficiency and you should consider it first while planning for one. Find below a few great tips that would help you make your log home energy efficient:

Try to reduce leakage of air

Air leakage is one of the most common problems faced by many log home owners. Usually, houses made of inadequately seasoned logs are more prone to it. While making your very own log home, make sure that the logs are seasoned at least for 6 months. Otherwise, they will dry and shrink considerably along with changes in humidity or temperature, which would eventually increase the gaps between them. The wood for the logs should also be chosen very carefully. Cedar, pine, etc. are always good choices for fighting against contraction. You can also make use of exclusive gaskets or caulks to reduce air leakage through logs. All these are beneficial for boosting the energy efficiency of the home.


Try to avoid damp and decomposition

Dry rot and excessive moisture are two biggest enemies of log homes. So, if you want to get an energy-efficient log house, take enough preventive measures for avoiding these two. You need to preserve the structural logs in order to conserve the energy present in them. To stay away from humidity and water damage, you have to adapt proper waterproofing methods, such as creating sufficient overhangs, installing couple of gutters, developing an efficient drainage system, etc. On the other hand, protecting the logs from insects can help you avoid decomposition. Therefore, apply insecticide to them during the procedure of seasoning.

Try to follow ‘Green Building Techniques’

‘Green Building Techniques’ are considered as highly effective ways to build sustainable homes. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for these methods to possess energy-efficient houses. In case of log homes, green building techniques are not fully applicable. However, you can still get in touch with a green home builder in your nearby area and find out some green home building materials to make your efforts fruitful to some extent.


Try to implement the concept of Thermal Mass

While preparing the design of your log home, make sure that you include the ‘thermal mass’ concept in it. According to scientists, the effect of the concept is largely depended upon the location of the house as well as the climate of the place. But following this idea will still give you an added advantage in terms of energy efficiency.           


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