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Most common home maintenance mistakes to avoid


Maintaining a home can be a difficult challenge. If you are the owner of a property, you have to consider the factors like proper maintenance and preservation of home to make the most of it. Here are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid during your home maintenance:


Spraying the House with Irrigation Sprinkler

It is probably the biggest mistake that most homeowners fall prey to. Watering the foundation with the irrigation sprinkler system present in your house is absolutely wrong as it takes a toll on the entire property. You might also have a number of gutters around your home. In such cases, make sure that the downspouts or the open-ends of the gutters are not placed right near the base of your house. Otherwise, the water sprinkled or funneled in the direction of the home will make the soil expand to a great extent by softening it, which will ultimately increase the built-up pressure on the walls of the foundation and develop cracks in it. So, stay away from this serious home maintenance mistake.

Cleaning Exterior Wooden Doors with Water

Well, many homeowners believe that the soil and dust accumulated on the outer parts of the doors are best to clean with water. They simply use a power washer or a hose for this purpose and inadvertently make their exterior wooden doors vulnerable to damage. In essence, wooden doors are not at all capable of repelling water molecules. Whether it is rainwater or water used by the homeowner for cleaning, the possibility of developing dry rot can never be ignored. Some water molecules always seep in the door through the cracks, which results into distortion and formation of molds. It is always good to replace wooden doors with fiberglass or other suitable materials. Cleaning wooden doors with damp cloth can also be helpful for you.


Doing Plumbing Works by Your Own

When it comes to maintaining home, a number of homeowners depend on DIY plumbing. It is certainly a good idea for saving your wallet as long as you have enough skill and knowledge. But if you are inexperienced, your efforts can turn into a costly disaster. From simple installation to complicated repairing, everything can go wrong with a single mistake. Hence, it is always recommended that you take help of a professional for executing plumbing works. However, if you are bound to do it yourself, make sure that you have idea about the position of the water shut-off valve. It will help you avoid flooding the entire place during the erroneous execution of a project.


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