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Maternity fashion tips for each trimester

It is largely believed that just as a woman undergoes conception, her sense of being fashionable suffers a severe decline. Due to a disproportionate rise in the body weight and the consequent bulges, good clothes and stylish accessories may prove a little overboard. However, this line of thought is nothing short of being completely outrageous! Pregnancy is not an end in itself, it is a new beginning. Not only does it make a woman feel complete but it also gives her a new perspective in life. At this crucial juncture, it is indeed important to dress up right and feel good about yourself. Finding a wardrobe which goes well with your stage of pregnancy is certainly an onerous task. You need to be a little proactive, forever vigilant and purely comfortable in what you wear during this period.

Good looks coupled with style will not just enhance your collective image in the society but they will also ensure that you keep a positive frame of mind, which is scientifically considered to be an utmost necessity for the health of the child. Nonetheless, once you have decided to treat yourself right, here is how you must get started on the fashion front.

1. In the first trimester

This is usually the time when a pregnancy doesn’t really show. The bulge has not set in and yet you feel a certain kind of change in your general behavior and gait. Nevertheless, as the pregnancy progresses you realize that everyday clothes do not fit you perfectly now. Like previous times, you can not even hold your breath while you button up the tight jeans! Hence, it is advisable to make use of loose fitting clothing at this juncture. Pick up roomy sweaters or long, stretchable shirts from the market. Club them up with low rise jeans and jackets. If possible, go in for sweatshirts and jackets as these are much more comfortable then the rest. In fact, the stretchier your clothes are, the more convenient it is for you to move around. Once you have settled for some good, bright clothes, also look around for shoes that gel with them. Avoid going in for heels. They carry an inherent danger of posing physical problems to you. Rather, substitute them with flats or platforms which lend ease to your bearing.

2. In the second trimester

This is actually the time when a transition begins. The tiny bump starts to peek out of your clothes, giving you, literally, an ecstatic feel. However, this is also the time of forming your own personalized dress combinations. So, get a little creative and start mixing and matching with a variety of cloth lines. Commence with having your stretchable garments opened up. This ease will allow your clothes to retain their stitch, just at the right places. Supplement these with long flowing tops and sweat pants. These would ensure that your bump remains subtle. Moreover, never loose sight of your accessories. Depending upon what you have chosen to wear, go in for polished and sophisticated accessories which will help you strike a balance between being coy and mature. It is deemed preferable to stick to the clothes you have already bought, at this time. This is so because the second trimester is a time of consistent growth, each phase of which, does not last long.

3. In the third trimester

As and when this final stage approaches, most maternity clothes will begin to prove futile. Not only will your bump grow but your hip area will also begin to expand. This is quite natural, as the body is slowly gearing up for the process of child birth. Nonetheless, flaunting some really good fashion sense at this point of time is indeed a must. Go in for low necklines clubbed with short jackets. Look for maternity shirts which are longer and wider in extent. Also, try your hand at long skirts which can be successfully paired up with short jackets. Nonetheless, despite what you choose, remember to never compromise on your comfort and convenience. Also, get completely flat shoes during these days. Do not experiment with any other type as they may cause unnecessary complications.

By sincerely following the fashion tips mentioned above, you will definitely be able to make the time of your pregnancy, a morale boosting and confidence building experience. After all, maternity does not really account for a complete fashion halt. Rather, it strongly and vehemently invites you to portray an impeccable appearance which breaks the usual molds of long followed conventions.

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