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Maternity essentials: Feel comfortable during those 275 days

If you are planning for a shopping spree with your cute baby bump, your extravaganza has to be a specialized one. Buying some stuff that is basically of no use when you are pregnant, is the sheer wastage of your money and energy too. On the contrary, a wise selection of the right products can make your pregnancy much more comfortable. During this time your wardrobe gets a new makeover. So, you can include clothes, shoes, swim wears, waist belts, undergarments etc. that are meant especially for pregnant women. Have a look at some of the essential maternity buys enlisted here that you will find helpful, the next time you go out shopping.

1. Maternity bra

This is the time you will find that your usual bra is not much useful. Hence, get hold of a maternity bra. Your breasts enlarge a bit during maternity. So, you will require a supportive bra that has durable stitches and cloth support around the cups so that your posture looks good. Look carefully and see if the straps of your bra are broad. This lessens the concentrated pressure on the shoulders and spreads it evenly throughout the neck and shoulder area. Always buy a cotton bra only as that will be skin friendly for you. Avoid using under wire bra as that will dig into your flesh and cause discomfort.

Top pick : Lovable

2. Belly belt

During pregnancy you will find that none of your trousers fit well. So, get out of your frustration. Buy the belly belt kit during your maternity period. This extremely useful kit contains a set of four waist band fasteners that will help you keep your favorite pair of jeans and buttoned skirt in position. It also contains three fabric swatches in colors like black, white and skin. They give your baby bump an extra room as you step into your favorite trousers.

Top pick: Baby Mad Ltd.

3. Wrap up cardigans

There are chances that you can catch cold during seasonal changes when you are pregnant. So, buy cardigans that are double breasted and have wrap up style. Wearing such type of cardigans will provide extra layers over your baby bump and makes it less prominent. At the same time you will feel cozy and protected from cold. You can choose the length of such cardigans as per your preference.

Top pick: Three seasons

4. Maternity tops

This time you will have to get yourself a few tops that are specially designed for maternity. You cannot wear the usual ones as they will be extremely tight over your baby bump and makes you look odd. So, tops for pregnant women are made in such a way that they have enough space to accommodate your baby bump under the fabric of the garment.

Top pick: Mom Finds

5. Garments of jersey fabric

Since your skin becomes more sensitive during maternity due to the hormonal changes within, buy some soft clothing. There can be nothing softer than jersey fabrics. Therefore, it is worth spending your money on a range of single jersey or double jersey maternity T-shirts, slips and camisoles.

Top pick: Born Modern Baby

6. Maternity jeans

Don’t ever think that you will be deprived from slipping into a pair of jeans during your maternity period. Spend a few bucks and get yourself maternity jeans. These are roomy with cropped cutting and elastic detailing that expands as your bump expands with each trimester.

Top pick: Polyvore

7. Yoga trousers

Yoga trousers are indeed a comfortable option for you during pregnancy. These are soft and do not have buttons and zippers like usual trousers. So, while the conventional trousers seem to cut through your bump as it gradually grows bigger, these yoga trousers with draw string option and soft elastic come friendly for your baby bump.

Top picks: Babies and Bellies

8. Swimming suits

In the mid stages of pregnancy, swimming is a great exercise. It helps to get rid of aching arms and legs. What more, swimming also helps in getting painless delivery. So, it is justified if you spend some money on swim wears during maternity. But your maternity swimwear should have a loose fit and contain Lycra fabric so that it can expand with your changing body shape.

Top pick: Blooming marvelous

9. Flat sandals

Go for flat sandals that offer great grip and support when you are expecting. Wearing high heels can be dangerous as you can topple. Such flat sandals must have enough straps so that they do not slip off your feet while walking.

Top pick: Crocs

10. Bump band

This is a great product during pregnancy. You can wear your usual trousers, unbuttoned underneath this sheath. This bump band also holds your loose fitted maternity jeans and other legwears in place. It covers the entire area from your bump to hips and gives your body a firm shape.

Top pick: Mamas and Papas

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