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Make Your Pretty Girl Look Special with Handcrafted Lace Flower Girl Dresses

It’s a standard tradition for young girls to wear specially conceptualized and designed flower girl dresses for wedding ceremonies. A flower girl is tasked with sprinkling flowers as she walks ahead in the bride’s path. Tradition also says that she’s required to carry a flower basket. As a result, the little girl standing next to the bride gets as much attention from the audience as the bride. With practically no margin for error in a scenario such as this, her outfit has to be immaculate. Lace flower girl dresses in several colors, designs and fabric choices allow you to find the perfect option to dress the flower girl in.

Changing Times, Changing Styles

Flower Girl Dress

It was not so long ago that white was the preferred color for flower girl dresses. However, the changing times and trends have led to various colors being sought for trials to give the dresses a more beautiful look. Today, lace flower girl dresses are used beyond weddings at occasions such as Easter parties, receptions, christening, communions, baptisms, and other informal social gatherings.

Understand What’s Trending Today

Several materials get used in the production of flower dresses, but satin, organza and silk are regarded as the most popular options. Additional embellishments such as seed pearls, tulle, beads, corded rosettes, satin ribbons and lace add to their overall beauty. The style you choose for a flower girl dress needs to be in tandem with the dress the bride will be wearing. You can also have the flower girls (or the one regarded to as mini-bride) wear a veil or a fascinator.

A white bodice in princess style with puffed sleeves and layered tulle skirt having a generous sprinkling of pink and cream silken rosebuds is the latest trend in dresses for flower girls. A sleeveless satin corset on a black bodice that is gelled up with beaded rosettes is another style that is in vogue. You can buy these dresses with full length skirts that run down to the ankles. Use of petticoat beneath the dress and seed pearls gracing the hemline provides the effect of a ball dress to the ensemble.

Take Your Pick of the Accessories

Flower Girl DressThe internet has an endless selection of lace flower girl dresses from popular brands as well as leading designer houses. Some of them also come with accessories such as headbands, ribbons and wicker flower baskets that complement the style of the dress very well. When buying a branded dress, you can choose to leave out the accessories or pick and choose the ones you feel will be the best match for the dress, thus saving some money on the original purchase.

Finding the Right Fit

If you’re buying lace flower girl dresses for your little daughter, you need to make sure that there are absolutely zero fitting issues. Remember, these are not meant for everyday wear and will be pulled out of the wardrobe only on special occasions, which makes it all the more important for them to have the right fit. Ensure that your little girl is neither too small nor too big for fitting into the dress, which would make it unsuitable for wear after a couple of occasions.

You can get a custom fit flower girl dress by simply providing the maker with an idea of the decorative accessories, style and fabric you feel your daughter will be most comfortable in. The tailors and designers will then take care of the rest and fit your little princess up perfectly to make her feel special as a flower girl.

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