Make your pine furniture thank you with a little maintenance

pine furniture

<![CDATA[Pine furniture helps in creating a lively and comfortable setting in any room owing to the fact that it is created from attractive soft wood. It possesses a unique comparison and being light in colour compared to other types of woods. Furniture made of pine has a timeless beauty and an extraordinary charm. Thus, investing in pine furniture can be a rewarding purchase you can make. Over time, humidity and varying temperature conditions are likely to affect it badly thereby diminishing its elegance. Proper maintenance is necessary for good results and a better life.

Pine furniture care advice

A little maintenance and care can breathe life and offer long lasting life to your pine furniture. This way your tables, cupboards, bookshelves, dining chairs, sideboards, wardrobes and office desk manufactured from pine can be highly durable. Below are a few maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your furniture at its best. These include:

Giving a regular clean to your pine furniture is very crucial. Use a soft dust cloth for wiping the surfaces at least once a week. Simply try not to use oil-based polishes or aerosol sprays as these are known for removing the distinctive natural trait of pine while also leaving sticky residues behind.

To give your pine furniture additional tender loving care, it is wise in investing in a perfume free, basic block of wax for re-treating the pine surfaces. Simply rub the surface with wax every 3-4 months. Whereas for an extra dose of protection, follow this procedure of applying wax on the entire furniture once a year at least.

With the passage of time, small dents and scratches are likely to appear on your pine furniture that require to be properly repaired. In case of deep scratches, fix it right away as you see it, lest it will be filled with dust making your furniture look bad. The best option is to apply coloured wax to cover the scratches properly.

Use shades for maintaining your pine furniture. Good quality light shades will aid in preventing your pine furniture from direct sunlight along with helping to safeguard it against swelling or shrinking. The exposure to direct sunlight is likely to affect both the colour and size.

Polish your pine furniture regularly for enhancing its rich look. This will remove the stains and scratches and will help in offering clean surfaces to the furniture as well as grabbing the attention of guests.

Water is the greatest enemy of your pine furniture. So, make it a point in mopping up spillages right away with the help of an absorbent, soft clean cloth or a kitchen towel. And remember, do not rub just dab.

Summary Follow these tips sincerely to keep your pine furniture last long and at the same time appear beautiful. Carrying out regular inspections will surely create the magic.]]>

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