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Make a small home library for your use

Make A Small Home Library for your use

<![CDATA[Books give us the excitement on our leisure time. They are our buddy when boredom strikes. Books boost our emotions and instill us with new learning. Oh you bookworm! Are those books arranged in a mess around your room, piled up like filthy rags on your table and scattered around the floor pleasing to your eyes? Hey buddy! Creating a home library is what you needed.

If you have an empty room in your house, then you have an ideal library! Just put the cabinet right there and some furniture to relax on. Arrange the bookcases and furnishings that will be suitable to your room size. Put lighting that will be good enough to illuminate a library. However, if you don’t have available rooms, then make use of your family room or your own bedroom. Cabinets provide great storage for books but it may be too big and occupy much space. Try using built in shelves that can be made to compliment your room style.

You can maximize the space of your room since it will be attached on your wall. Once you have the right space for your books, you need to arrange them. You don’t want to take all the books out just to find what you’re looking for. To ease this, try arranging your books according to book genres or types like fiction or non-fiction, as to new and old, or according to the field of literary references. Books that you have finished reading can go straight to the topmost shelf. If you would prefer not to keep a book, the best option would be to donate it. Never ever dispose it!

Aside from placing your books, try putting decors and accents on your bookshelves. You can use stylish bookstand, some classy figurines or artworks. Put chairs and tables where you will get relaxation while reading your beloved books. Put throw pillows to soothe your back or arms for whatever position you do while reading.

You may also use your own side or study table. There are some bookcases that can be suitably placed on limited spaces like study table. Remember to arrange your books and choose shelves and furniture that will harmonize with your interior design. To maintain that beautiful library, remember to put the books back to their respective places, after you are done reading them. Your best efforts will surely give you your desired home library.


Your love for books and readings can be pampered with your very own home library. The plan is best executed if you have a room that can be spared for the library. If on the other hand, there is no space available, you could transform your own room into a suitable reading place.]]>

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