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Low-voltage electricity can revive devastated corals back to lush

fish swim around corals growing on a metal structu

Global warming, and the consequent rising seas and temperature, is biting through its share of the planet. Of the marine life – the fish, the weeds – the coral reefs are being killed by rising temperatures and the human contribution knows no bound. The marine treasures are being bleached out by dynamite fishing and cyanide poisoning as well – thanks to humans!

But, here are another bred of humans – the scientists – worried and up with gloves to save these ocean treasures. The once lush coral reefs off Bali island are now thriving by the mercy of the scientific fraternity! – Yes, the answer they found is ‘electricity’.

Fed by cables, dozens of metal structures are submerged in the bay sending low-voltage electricity, reviving the corals, triggering their greater growth. The project is dubbed ‘Bio-Rock’.

But, the question is – will this new method be an answer to the dying corals across the globe?

Although the scientists are doing their bit, will the big economics thriving on the coral ‘exploitation and assault’ compromise with their aggressive fishing methods? – An important initiative to help the scientists halt this devastation.


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