Long dry spells threaten to cut Hungary’s maize production by 50%

drought threatens to halve hungarys maize crop

With the world already hungry for maize crops – both by the food and the bio-fuel industries – the climate change is sharing its merciless bits to halve the crop’s production across Hungary.

Drought, with its spreading and persisting shadow, has scorched the Hungarian lands making them unfit for maize growth. The record heat wave in the country does not seem to stop perching the fields and is forecasted to still continue at least another week.

State Secretary Fulop Benedek told news agency MTI,

Farmers have harvested 3.85 million tonnes from 96 percent of the area, compared to last year’s total crop of 4.4 million a year ago.

The country’s wheat crop has already fallen from what it produced last year and it is perhaps the maize’s turn this year.

With no relief seeming to be coming soon from this repeated dry spells since last September, the prices has already soared to fall heavily on the consumers’ pockets.

And to add to, the large fall in the crop’s production could pour in several more problems, effecting several economy sectors, as there will be no or very little stocks for export.


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