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London Garden is a futuristic car-free zone: Imagine 2030!

future city mobility
In the just-concluded “Future City Mobility” competition at London, Martin Wallgren and his group won the Seymour Powell award for the best concepts in futuristic transportation. The Royal College of Art (RCA) group, including Martin, David Seesing and Miika Hekkinen, came up with a unique concept car-free zone as a solution to the unwanted emissions and the future congestion on London roads. The concept includes a system of bicycles; a specially designed bicycle/scooter, buses, taxis, parking lots and bus stops do the trick.

What is London Garden actually?
london garden
It’s an imaginary, futuristic, car-free zone somewhere in central London where gas-guzzling autos are seldom allowed. Moreover, you’ll see a compact system that revolves around bicycles. There’ll be no noise, pollution and congestion to mar the essential integrity of this make-believe green world.

Won’t say it’s fantasy all in all since the term “futuristic” explains it itself. You never know what we abandon today for being unreal may be a living, breathing reality in the coming times. After all, the concept is ingrained in future and dates forward to 2030, where people are supposed to be “aware of the individual energy consumption.”

Futuristic anthology is truly amazing:

In this green collection, not even a single element of renewable energy is missing. Be it solar, wind, water or human energy, it encompasses everything. As you scroll down this pictorial, you’ll come to know the hidden marvels of this truly amazing concept:

Semi-Electric Bicycle:
Have you ever thought of creating energy while biking down the terrains? More exertion means more energy. Once you’ve generated sufficient energy, you can scoot it around effortlessly:
bike design 1

Comes complete with hob-less wheels for compact storage, solar panels around the rim, indicators for safety, electronic polymers around the adjustable seat and backrest integrated into the handle bar:
bike design 2

Still want a more comprehensive view? Have a look here:
bike design 3

Green Bus:
Well, whatever amount of energy you’ve generated you can store it in internal batteries of the bus. Just dock the folded bike in; no worries regarding fare and all. You pay it automatically:
bus design 1

Bus Stop:
The bus stop is, in fact, a bike rack and power plant where bikes are parked. Here, energy is created form bike’s potential and various renewable sources. So, calling it an alternative-energy-hub won’t be an exaggeration:
bus stop

Image Credit: MW Blog

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