London fashion week spring 2013’s most outrageous moments

London fashion weeks is among the most celebrated fashion weeks that are organized around the globe and it is held twice in one year and that is in the month of February and in the month of September. Many renowned designers take part in this trade show of the apparels every year and the audience gets to see some latest fashion trends for the season. There are many fashion trends that are at display at this huge fashion event and some of them are splendid and stylish while some of them are totally outrageous. These outrageous trends are difficult to forget and even if you don’t want they remain in your memories from the fashion week. Let us shed some light on the most outrageous moments from the London fashion week spring 2013.


The coming on stage of ‘one direction stud Harry Styles’ was indeed among the most hideous moments of the fashion week. The second in the list would be the overly excessive paint on the face at Vivienne Westwood and the more than required dramatic dress at Giles takes the third spot on the list. How can we forget to add the storming guests at Mulberry whilst we are on the topic of most outrageous moments of the London fashion week?

We have always known the famous artist Lady Gaga for her bizarre taste in fashion and hence her face all covered with flowers was absolutely no surprise for us at the London fashion week spring 2013. The ultra sensual nurses by Pam Hogg were also exceeding the boundaries of moderation. The headgear by Philip Treacy took bizarre to a whole new level and we can consider this one as the most outrageous moment of the fashion week held in London.


The hideous facial hair at Fyodor Golan was another one on the list and the audience also witnessed some very odd glasses at Louise Gray which were blocking the eyes instead of doing the opposite. The flowered hat was another entry in the list of outrageous moments and the hideous Mickey Mouse hat just made the list longer. The very outrageous eyebrows at House of Holland were another moment on the never ending list plus we cannot afford to miss the fringed feet at Marios. These were some of the outrageous moments that happened on the London fashion week and they truly were something the audience has never seen before and probably never will.



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