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Le-Vel Thrive 101: All You Need to Know to Get Started

Le-Vel Thrive

You’ve seen it everywhere: Le-Vel Thrive. Maybe you don’t realize you’ve seen it, or maybe your friends won’t stop talking about it. But pretty much if you’ve heard your friends or relatives talking about Thrive, thriving, Thrive promoting, or even just taking capsules in the morning for improved energy levels, you’ve heard about Le-Vel Thrive. So if you’ve ever even thought about Le-Vel Thrive, I’m here to tell you that it’s time you know more about it and know what it might do for you.

Before we get started, I’ll explain that I was pretty hesitant about Le-Vel Thrive initially, but now I’ve got tons of experience with it and am here to guide you through it. This is the real guide to Le-Vel Thrive 101, so you have everything you need to know about the latest craze.

What Is Le-Vel Thrive Anyway?

To talk about Le-Vel Thrive, there are a couple of key terms I learned that really help me keep everything straight. The company itself is called Le-Vel. Le-Vel was founded in 2012 as a health and wellness company. Health and wellness is one of the biggest industries around, so it’s a highly competitive market to be a part of.

But despite these intense levels of competition, Le-Vel has reached nearly $3 billion dollars in sales as of 2022. Pretty impressive when you think about how competitive the industry is. Anyway, that’s Le-Vel.

I’ll talk more about what the products are later, but in general, it’s important to know that when people talk about Le-Vel Thrive, they’re talking about a specific 3-step system and experience.

Another key Le-Vel Thrive term to know is Thrive promoter. These people are big fans of the products and sell them on their own after buying them from Le-Vel. Full disclosure: I’m not an official promoter or anything like that. Instead, I’m what people like to call a “Thriver.” That basically just means I’ve used the products and am enthusiastic about them from my own experience. Thrivers are regular people who gave Thrive a shot and now want to help other people find the product, but we don’t get paid by the company.

What Are the Le-Vel Products?

So when you hear about Le-Vel Thrive, you know now that’s talking about the Thrive Experience. But what is that? Basically, it’s Le-Vel’s products, and you use them in a super simple three-step process.

Part of Le-Vel’s success is due to the simplicity of the health and wellness products and routines. There are really only three steps to really take advantage of their great product:

  1. You take two Thrive capsules first thing in the morning. You actually take these capsules on an empty stomach, which is pretty unique.
  2. About 20 minutes later, you drink a Thrive nutritional shake for breakfast. I’ll tell you about my own experience with these shakes.
  3. You put on a Thrive DFT for the day. It’s basically a foam adhesive you apply on  your skin, and you replace it every 24 hours.

And that’s pretty much it! Pretty simple, if I say so myself.

So that’s the basic run-down of what there is to know about Le-Vel and Le-Vel Thrive. Here’s a blog that can walk you through even more if you want more details on how the Thrive experience works.

Why You Should Give Le-Vel Thrive a Shot

At this point, you might be wondering: why should I give Le-Vel Thrive a shot? Isn’t it just a viral internet craze that’ll die down in a few months? Isn’t it some silly thing just to get promoters’ money? I had all the same concerns and thoughts, don’t worry. That’s right. I wasn’t the Thriver I am today when I first heard about Le-Vel Thrive.

I heard about Le-Vel Thrive from my cousin. She started posting on social media like crazy about her Thrive experience  and how she was becoming a promoter. During that whole period of time, I mainly thought, “Yeah, right.” There was no way I was buying into that.

That was until I actually met up with my cousin and chatted. She was in town for the weekend, and we got together and chatted about all the usual things—our kids, our jobs, and vacation plans. Then she started talking about Le-Vel Thrive, and I internally rolled my eyes. Until I actually listened to some of the words she was saying: “more peaceful sleep,” “appetite management,” and “feeling energized.” Maybe she was onto something after all. So—skepticism aside—I decided I’d give it and shot and got my cousin to get me a great starter pack.

At first, the best thing I could say about Le-Vel Thrive was that at least it was easy. At least it was super simple to integrate into my normal routine. If it wasn’t, I might’ve given up right then and there. But after two weeks…that was a different story.

It started small. I didn’t snooze my alarm anymore. I didn’t take an afternoon nap after work before I picked the kids up from school. My normal exercise routine felt better. Nighttime seemed peaceful and tranquil. And wow, I was amazed by how such a simple addition to my routine made such a difference. I was sold.

And that’s why you should give Le-Vel a shot. It’s so simple to get started with, but it can be so positive for you. Used with my exercise and nutrition plans, I’ve never felt better.

How to Get Started with Le-Vel Thrive

Ready to give it a shot? Maybe you already have a super cool Thrive promoter cousin to get you started. But if you don’t, consider me your personal guide. Here’s every step you need to take to get started with Le-Vel Thrive:

  1. Visit the website https://le-vel.com/
  2. Select Thrive for women or men
  3. Click the “Start your E60 Challenge Now” button
  4. From here, you’ll need to make a free account (super easy)
  5. Then you get to select a flavor for your nutritional shakes. There are tons of options, including vegan flavors
  6. Then you get to pick your style for the Thrive DFT (again, so many cool options here)
  7. You’ll finally choose the plan you want. If you’re new to Thriving, you’ll usually want to pick one that gives you enough for at least two weeks to really see what Thrive can do for you

That’s it! You’re well on your way to Thriving with these steps, and I commend you for it!

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