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4 Books to Help Ease Your Worries

Books to Help Ease Your Worries

You just turned in your application to Black Tie Moving, and an overcoming feeling of anxiety creeps in. You start to question if you’ll get the job, if you provided all the necessary information, and if you are good enough to work there.

Anxiety and fear are incredibly common and sometimes debilitating feelings that affect us all. However, there are some great books that help to overcome this constant state of worry and stress.

Let’s get into 4 books to help ease your worries!

1.  The Power of Now

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful resource if you are just starting out with self-help books. Tolle takes you on a journey through what it’s meant to be truly alive. He shares his personal experience with major depression and anxiety and how he overcame it.

Tolle uses a question-and-answer type style in his book. This is perfect for the curious reader who always has questions and wants more. He speaks a lot on the power of this moment, and how most of our worries and fears have to do with our lack of presence.

Tolle points out that most of our anxieties and fears come from too much time spent thinking of the past or future. He teaches us how to move deeply into “the now” to overcome this.

2.  The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer is a powerful book and great for those who prefer a simple approach to understanding the inner workings of their minds. While Singer’s book is less straightforward than Tolle’s, he has a remarkable way of taking something so complex, like mental health, and simplifying it for the reader.

Singer’s book is an easy read, but it’s one that you don’t want to rush through. You should consider reading a chapter a day and really allowing yourself time to reflect on his words.

You’ll find yourself feeling more optimistic and peaceful after finishing it. There are many readers who say they turn back to it often for gentle reminders on mindfulness and inner peace.

3.  The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching by ThichNaht Hahn is great for those who are curious about spirituality. While the title may suggest this book is all about Buddhism, it’s certainly not. Instead, Hahn uses the principles of the Buddha and how you can apply them to your life at every moment.

Hahn was also a beautiful poet, and it shows through in his book. There are many poems he interweaves throughout the teachings.

This is the perfect book for those who are working to be more compassionate and peaceful in everyday life.

4.  Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nguyen is an incredibly simple yet profound book. Many readers finished it in less than a few days. Nguyen does an excellent job at explaining how most of our “problems” are created by our incessant thinking.

Nguyen easily explains that most of our fears, worries, and anxieties come in the form of obsessing over thoughts which weren’t designed to be entertained in the first place. He discusses how thoughts are not inherently bad, but we tend to make them so.

This new author offers a simple approach to overcome this addiction to thinking.

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