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Koto smart sensors are a good choice for healthier homes

Koto smart sensors

You spend so many resources to make your home a place that is healthy, welcoming and convenient. After spending so many efforts and resources, you deserve nothing but the best from your house. However, this does not happen in many cases because some or the other factor keeps interfering with the home environment, making it unhealthy. Well, this will not be the scenario if you invest on super smart Koto sensors, which monitor your home environment to ensure good health of you and your family.

Koto smart sensors improve your and your home’s health

Every now and then, you and some other family members experience headache, get sick in winters and suffer restless nights. Besides some other reasons responsible, your home environment plays an integral role. Your health has a close relation with the health of your home, as in how healthy or unhealthy the home environment is. You are supposed to breathe healthy and fresh indoor air, which unfortunately is a farfetched dream in many homes.

All it takes to improve your home health are little things done on right time and correctly. You take care of your home’s health and it will take care of your health. Koto smart sensors make all this simple for you. They discover little things in your home’s environment that can work in favor of your health, and eliminate all that work against your health. The smart sensors remind you of those little things and enable you to do them on time.

Monitor home environment to prevent health problems

Usually, homeowners fail to realize little things in their home environment that work against their health. If you get home a family of Koto smart sensors, you will get to know about every little thing that is hampering your home’s health and eventually your health.

Besides letting you know of those small things, the sensors also let you know the right time when you must make simple changes and improvements in your home to ensure good health. You place these smart sensors in every room, and the Koto app will let you know when and what change is required in which room.

The new Koto family of smart sensors

The new Koto family comprises of three CubeSensors with some exciting new features such as a notification display, and improved capability to detect lightening strikes, dust, and smoke. The three new smart sensors are:

  • Koto Blink

No matter how well equipped a room is with the latest and extravagant furniture and other accessories, if it is unable to make you comfortable in it, it is a waste. The Koto Blink sensor is a smart technology that makes a room comfortable, so that a person staying in it has a good time. The sensor monitors light, temperature, humidity, and noise. Its small and compact design enables you to carry it along anywhere with you and use it to make your room comfortable. It is ideal for use in vacation homes, rental apartments, and anywhere on the go, and you just need to charge it twice a year.

  • Koto Storm

Koto Storm is a comparatively bigger device that allows you to use it as a clock, and see environmental readings, notifications and real-time alerts on its LED matrix display. The device is designed so smart that it can detect approaching storms, monitors humidity, temperature, noise, light and pressure. It Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to have a close view of your home when you are out.

  • Koto Air

Koto Air is an upgraded version of Koto Blink, which ensures better detection of harmful gases and dust in the indoor air. Their enhanced ability to monitor air pollution makes them ideal for use in the rooms of asthmatic people or children.

Koto smart sensors detect little problems in the house that affect your health. They enable you to breathe in healthy air, sleep better, and to stay connected to your home remotely.

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