Keeping track on the child’s TV watching habit

It has been noted that on an average a child watches more than 4000 hours of TV before he joins kindergarten. This is not advisable and hence, needs to be controlled by the parents. Stopping them from watching TV cannot be a sane solution. There are many educative programs on TV that are good for the children to gain knowledge. It is important to keep a track on the hours of TV the kids are watching and the channels or programs they are watching. Following are the ways to monitor this.

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Choose programs or shows as per your child’s age:

As per age, the show and channels that the kids can watch change. It is important to narrow down on shows that teach the kids something. It should also be a topic of interest for the child. Moreover, you can discuss and analyze the program after it finishes. Showing them programs, which make them learn something new, is always important. Programs that enhance the creativity of the child can also be a good option.

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Make a note of the hours the kids watch TV:

It is important to note the number of hours the kid spends in front of the TV daily. Moreover, it is also important to keep a track on what the kids are watching on TV. It is advised to allow the kids to watch TV for a maximum of 2 hours daily. However, depending on the kid’s interest and hobbies, you can decide what the kids can watch on TV.

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Keep yourself updated with the latest programs and videos:

It is important to keep yourself updated on the latest available DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs or TV programs that are good for the kids. It will make them realize that you too are interested in channels they are watching. Some of the shows that are recommended are Reading Rainbow, Barney & Friends, Blue’s Clues etc. Moreover, you can also choose programs from kids’ channels, such as Disney channel, Nickelodeon etc.

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Make them enjoy some old classics too:

Some cartoon versions you had seen yourself in childhood can also be an alternative option. Some include Superman, Babar stories, Stories for the Very Young etc.

 on line research

Do research online:

In order to find what is trending for the child, you can find some good option online. Finding the best that suits your kid through some comparison sites is also a good alternative.


There are loads of stuff your child can watch on TV. Nevertheless, it is important to find what and for how long he/she can watch it.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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