Keeping the hot tub clean and well maintained

<![CDATA[It is great to spend some time relaxing in your hot tub but if it is not maintained well, it can prove harmful for your skin and health. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can expect your spa to give great results. You should look out for any leaks, dirt or any other problems in your tub from time to time. Some ingenious few suggestions and tips you can employ to maintain your hot tub:

Check the pH balance:

This is one of the most important factors in hot tub maintenance. The manual will contain instructions on how to balance the pH levels of the hot tub. Do it daily. Testing pH level is very easy and should not be neglected. If pH level is not balanced, then it can give rise to host of problems.


Water sanitizing is very necessary and you should do it regularly. You can sanitize the water with proper techniques by using any oxidizer or super chlorination.

Clean up:

The dirt accumulated in the spa can be cleaned by using a non-abrasive cleaner. To clean the surfaces, you can use baking soda.

Replace the spa water regularly

As per the instructions given in your hot tub’s manual, drain all the water from the spa and then refill it. Do this regularly. You even get pre-filters in market that you can use to clean the water while refilling.

Weekly precautions:

The sanitizer can be used weekly. This will keep the water clean and clear. Sometimes foam can be formed and to get rid of it, you can use a foam reducer. De-scaling agents can also help in maintaining the water from time to time. It will prevent mineral build-up, which is an essential factor in keeping the tub clean.

Maintain the hot tub well with regular inspection

Inspect the hot tub regularly for any leaks or repair works. If you get to fix small repair problems as soon as it is detected, you will not have to spend huge amount later.  Check the efficiency of the heater from time to time.


A hot tub is good to have in a house but you should pay attention to its regular maintenance to keep it clean and dirt free. Since you are exposing your skin in the spa, it is necessary that it remains sparklingly clean and is devoid of any harmful dirt. So do spend some time in regular inspection, daily or periodic maintenance of your hot tub.]]>

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