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Keep your house beautiful by taking care of your tiled roof

Tile roofs have many benefits for the home. They are resistant to many types of insects, they survive the harshest of weather conditions, they check the temperature of your house, they are very beautiful to look at and incredibly low-maintenance. Apart from this, they are long lasting and even more so than the toughest of materials. A good and even moderately maintained tile roof can last up to one hundred years or more.

  • The First step in maintaining a tiled roof is to inspect it regularly. Inspecting your roof every two months or immediately after you have experienced a case of particularly bad weather is a good idea. Any tile or section of your roof that has been damaged needs to be replaced immediately. Remember that any time you spend in delay may cost you more than it will if you replace any damaged sections immediately.
  • A tiled roof needs less maintenance than any other kind of roof, but you should still take care of it if you plan to make it last long. Remember to clean your roof twice a year. Clean your roof by using a pressure washer. Set it to a medium setting and hold it carefully. If you feel the pressure is so much that it might dislodge your tiles, set it to a lower setting. A simple water wash will help you get rid of debris, moss and substances that are growing in your tiles. A mixture of water and any sort of cleaner such as bleach works best as it stops any harmful organisms, molds pests and mosses from growing by cleaning away any existing substances and hindering the growth of those that were developing.
  • After washing your roof, let it dry in the sun for a few hours. Some people even let the roof dry for a whole day so it is best to clean the roof on a weekend. After your roof has dried, you will notice a white powdery substance on the tiles. This is known as efflorescence. This substance is simply a by-product of the natural chemical reactions between the substances that make up your tiles and the sun. This powder doesn’t harm your tiles or make them weaker, but it may look unappealing to your eyes. The best way to rid of this is to wipe it clean with a clean cloth. After cleaning, you should coat your tiles with an alkyd primer. This stuff is easily available at most hardware stores. This is not compulsory for maintenance but it does help to keep your cool by reflecting the suns’ rays. It also fills the pores on your tiles, making them water resistant and again, more long-lasting.Apart from the primer, many sealants and heavy-duty acrylic paints can be used to make tiles look beautiful and have them last long.
  • Fix any tiles that may be coming loose. While walking on a tiled roof, tread carefully. Any tile that looks sturdy may not be so in reality. The best method is to keep a walking stick with you so you can tap or apply pressure on the tile so as to be sure that it will hold weight. If you find a loose tile, examine it and see if it is in perfect condition. Tiles may come loose due to improper fixing and if that is the case, it may be used. However, even if it is cracked or damaged slightly, it needs to go.


Tile roofs look beautiful and are cheaper than any other type of roof in the long run. These roofs lower your cooling bills and keep your house safe from the most of water damage. Skillful maintenance of tile roofs can help them last for a century or more.


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