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Innovatively green Evcco conduit is among finalists at Big 5

evcco conduits

Albatech Pty Ltd, an Aussie firm renowned for manufacturing high performance electrical conduits and fittings, was selected as a finalist in the Gaia environmental awards at the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai for introducing an innovative PVC-free environmental and safety conduit. Since the lightweight conduit dubbed as Evcco is made from recycled polymer and offer high impact resistance, you can be assured of its minimum environmental impact.

Moreover, the manufacturing process does not involve any use of chemicals, organo-Halides or heavy metals. The conduit weighs about one eighth the weight of equivalent steel conduit, does not corrode, and adapts to confined spaces without asking for skilled labor or special tools for installation. The highly flexible Evcco conduits with diameters up to 150 mm carry electrical and data cabling in surface and in-ground applications.

Available in medium and heavy duty in gray, black, orange and white colors, the conduits are U.V. protected and fire-resistant too. Just recently, the new 87,000 square meter ANZ bank headquarters in Melbourne utilized these free-flowing conduits.

Via: Trenchless

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