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Innovative ways to arrange mirrors for your home decor

There are not much effective yet inexpensive ways than using mirrors to decorate your home. The interior designers swear by the power of mirrors in transforming the look of a room. They can make a boring and dull room look charming and stylish in a jiffy. Mirrors reflect light and they can increase the visibility around a room. People also use mirrors to create the illusion of space and adding more depth to the dimensions of a room. Mirrors have been in use to enlighten living spaces for ages. The best thing about mirrors is that they are versatile and serve multiple purposes at the same time. In the following, you will find some easy yet unique ideas for using mirrors for decorating a room.


Use mirrors to reflect windows:

A simple way to increase the amount of natural light within a room is to use a long, rectangular mirror just opposite to the window. This way the mirror will be able to reflect the light coming from the window all around the room and make it appear brighter. This is a good idea because increased amount of natural light can reduce the electricity bills. Make sure to use a unique frame for the mirror. You can make it appear quirky or classy by using a frame of your choice. The color scheme of the frame should be in accordance with the rest of the room.

Make the porch interesting:

Modern homeowners believe in utilizing every different part of their property. You too can turn the outdoor area into a stylish, modern sitting area by using a mirror. A huge oval or circular mirror placed on the wall behind the porch will add the much-needed refinement to the sitting corner. Add colorful cushions to match the mirror frame. Mirrors help in reflecting the light of decorative candles and give a special charm to the outdoor areas.


Juxtapose different decorative elements:

There is nothing wrong in highlighting some areas of your rooms by using mirrors. You should think of ways in which two or more decorative elements can be used together. For example, fix an antique mirror of large proportion on the top of a fireplace. Choose a suitable ornate photo frame and keep it on the mantelpiece for creating layers. This will add more density to this area. Use candle stands and a small, sleek chandelier for making this part of the room lovelier.

Mirrors at the entryway:

Do not make your foyer or entryway look like a dark ally or else your guests will feel repulsed and unwelcome. Use mirrors and mild lighting for improving the décor of the entryway. A single stylish mirror or an array of rectangular mirrors can increase the light through reflection. The guests will also benefit from this new addition, as they will be able to check themselves quickly while entering your house.


Expand the cramped parts:

Mirrors are capable of creating an illusion of space. If you use mirrors in a small area then the space will double up and appear to be bigger. Just place a single rectangular mirror along the width of the room for best effect.

Use multiple mirrors at one place:

To give your home an unusual look you can use different mirrors at the same place. A great place where you can use multiple mirrors is the stair hall. Use narrow and wide mirrors and arrange them on the walls around the staircase in an interesting manner.


Using mirrors for enhancing the look of your rooms and upgrading the décor is very easy. You can use mirrors to increase the amount of natural light inside the room.


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