Inculcate good manners in your kids and make them even more adorable

Inculcate good manners in your kids

Kids may react back in an appropriate manner at any time if you do not teach them the value of good behavior. They may slam door on your face or use foul words for anyone. You get worried and feel frustrated when kids do not respect you. If your kids don’t listen to you once in a while, it can be tolerated but when they make it a habit you must be aware. Let us have a look at a few simple tips to control their behavior.

Know the difference between disrespect and rudeness

Parents must learn to know the difference between disrespect and general rudeness. If your kids’ frustration is only momentary, they do not have an intention to hurt your feelings. You can take it easy. On the contrary, behavior like calling you names or an intention to hurt your feeling repeatedly can be a serious issue.

Don’t take everything personally

Parents certainly have to ignore mild misbehavior that does not cause any harm. If you start taking everything personally, you may find yourself dealing with more behavioral problems. When you ask your kids to turn off the TV and they take a sigh, ignore it unless they fight back. Take it easy and do not react to almost everything.

Watch your own behavior

When you are trying to teach manners to your kids, you must keep an eye on your own behavior. Do not be overprotective or over permissive to your kids requests. Do not try to control them at each step. Do not give an impression that you do not expect anything on their part. When you do so, kids do not even try to be at their best behavior since they start taking you for granted. Do not let your kids get away with bad behavior. Learn to balance things up. Give them the freedom to live life their way but do not forget to make some rules to keep them in control.

Have structured conversation

Sit with your kids when no one is around and tell them the difference between good and bad behavior. Instead of employing a punishment, make them aware of the possible consequences. When they get to know that bad behavior makes you feel bad they start taking things more seriously. You must praise your kids when they behave themselves. Pat them on their back and appreciate their behavior when others are around.

Set good examples

Actins of your kids reflect your own behavior. Parents should never abuse or use foul language in front of their kids. You must not lie or misbehave with others as it may influence the behavior of your kids eventually. Act respectfully even when your kids are not respectful to you. It may be difficult but it is important to set a good example for them.

Encourage and reward

Try to encourage the good behavior of your kids with rewards. Tell them that you would listen to them when they use a soft tone of voice. Play with them when they behave themselves. It is also important that you be friends with them. Do not let them take advantage of you at any point of time since it can soon turn into a habit. Make them understand that you only wish the best for them. Teach them the value of giving respect to their elders. Make family rules and follow them along with them. It is however, important to not to be rigid, allow them some extra time to play as a reward for their good behavior.

All the parents want their kids to be financially independent and emotionally stable when they grow up. Tell them about the importance of living life by certain values and do not step back if it demands you to keep your behavior under control.

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