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Importance of art classes for kids

The next time you little woman or little tyke finger paints the surface of the coffee tables and chairs or creates modern art with your make up and paints the walls with nail polish, refrain from telling them off or at least tone that series of telling offs down a notch!


Because this apparent way of being naughty might just make your kid the next, Bill Gates or indeed the next Leonardo Da Vinci again.

Yes fellow parents, I am seriously not kidding!

Early Development

Kids who have taken to using their fingers for creating something, anything of their own have known to develop skills for better coordination of their mind and body. As far as physical development is concerned, modern art by kids or rather edible art by kids help them to develop better motor skills.

Nevertheless, as far as their mental development goes, you would not want to curb their creativity or enthusiasm in creating something now, would you?

After all, children do so many things, which in a way shape their future, and this reflects their later career choices as well.

Moreover, you kid is just starting to express herself or himself through shapes, colors and of course the contrasts in everything that she or he creates. Encouraging them to take art classes will be good from the word go.

The Impact on Studies

Since you want your kid to study and grow up to be someone special, it is better that you let her or him to carry on with coloring those walls of your home!

A recent experiment has proved that children who take to arts early on in their lives and love to draw and paint develop better skills in science and mathematics. More importantly, your child who loves to paint would love to get involved and study geometry a long way. A feat not for the weak hearted.

The Final Verdict

Just try and encourage them to gently develop an art form and style of their own. Not that telling them off occasionally will do them a lot of harm, but keep it to the bare minimum.

In addition, yes, about those walls, sheets, and covers that are going to be ruined, just make sure that your kid finds something different to experiment on.

Nope, do not expect her or him to like paper much. Instead, let her or him follow you to the garage and paint the walls in peace. Create an inviting setting in a space you do not use and watch as they learn hand, mind, and boy and finger combinations!



Dr Prem Jagyasi

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